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   Chapter 206 The Secret Of Prince Jing's Birth

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Prince Jing rushed to Yun Shang and asked with concern, "What happened? Are you okay?"

Yun Shang nodded but kept silent.

It was dark around them, so Prince Jing couldn't see that Yun Shang had been hurt. He also didn't see her swallowing her blood. When he didn't hear Yun Shang speak for a long time, Prince Jing held Yun Shang's hand and asked again, "Are you hurt?"

It took Yun Shang a while to muster enough strength to answer softly, "I'm all right. I'm just tired after the chase and the fight."

Prince Jing was happy to hear Yun Shang's voice. But he noticed how weak she sounded. He nodded as he thought over her explanation. Prince Jing felt relieved. 'Yun Shang isn't very good at Kung Fu. It's understandable that she would feel tired.'

"We need to hurry. I set fires around the forest during the chase. It won't be long before someone comes to put them out. I have a way to deal with the soldiers. After we return safely, we can set another fire in the forest. Then we can place our army at the foothills and kill every soldier who comes down the mountain." Yun Shang suppressed the pain in her shoulder. She ground her teeth before continuing, "Ning Ye and Xia Houjing talked about letting their soldiers sneak into the Imperial City from tomorrow. They must have bribed more than one person in the Imperial City. We need to place more guards in the Imperial City."

Since it took all of her energy to share this information with the Prince, Yun Shang felt pain spread throughout her body. She was afraid that Prince Jing would find out about her injury, so she ground her teeth and bore the pain silently. She didn't want to be a burden to Prince Jing.

When the next spasm of pain enveloped the Princess, Yun Shang broke into a cold sweat and shivered slightly. Her vision blurred and she felt as though she was on the verge of losing consciousness. Just then, Prince Jing's voice gave Yun Shang something else to think about. He said, "Well, now that we are not afraid of the poison in the miasma, we should go back down the mountain and find our people. I've been able to spot a road that we can use. Tomorrow I'll report the secret army to Emperor Ning and suggest that he replace the garrison guarding the Imperial City with people that I trust......"

Yun Shang answered him with a soft "Em." Just then she felt Prince Jing holding her injured hand. Yun Shang burst into a cold sweat as pain radiated throughout her arm and shoulder. She almost passed out because of the intensity of the sudden pain.

"Why is your hand so sweaty?" Prince Jing asked.

Yun Shang ground her teeth and forced a smile, "It's probably because I've never fought with anyone in practice. As it's my first time, I became

, Yun Shang wondered which side Prince Jing would take. If Prince Jing chose to support the State of Xia, it would be disastrous to the State of Ning.

The more Yun Shang thought about it, the more worried she became. 'I should give Prince Jing some time to process the news. In the meanwhile, I need to ask my people to make sure of its authenticity. If it is true, then Prince Jing and I need to talk. No matter what, I will not let Prince Jing become an enemy of the State of Ning.'

Prince Jing brought Yun Shang to the waterfall. Yun Shang frowned. Without the rope, it would be harder for her to climb down.

Prince Jing seemed to be pondering about the problem, too. After a while, he said, "This problem can be easily solved. We can let our guards know that they need to set something under the waterfall to cushion our landing. Let's jump."

Yun Shang hesitated at Prince Jing's words. If she hadn't been hurt, she would have jumped without fear. But since she had been hurt and her shoulder injury was serious, Yun Shang wondered if her whole arm would break with even the slightest impact from such a high fall.


"All right." Yun Shang said after a long time.

She smiled bitterly. Xia Houjing's people would try to enter the Imperial City tomorrow. If she wasted time, it would be too late to stop them.

Prince Jing walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down. Seeing that the guards had placed fishing nets and quilts under the cliff, he nodded and turned to Yun Shang, "I will jump first. When you jump down, I will catch you."

Yun Shang nodded. Seeing that Prince Jing had jumped without waiting for her response, she walked to the edge of the cliff. As she looked at the people and the arrangements, she assured herself that she would be all right. Then she jumped too.

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