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   Chapter 205 Yun Shang Is Injured

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Horrified and surprised, Yun Shang quickly thought it over. Since both men had met her before, they would recognize her. Moreover, she had overheard their conversation. If she were caught, they would definitely kill her. In the likelihood of a confrontation, she didn't have much confidence to compete against two martial arts masters.

After weighing her options, Yun Shang decided to flee. The Princess darted several silver needles toward her attacker before turning and running in the opposite direction at full speed. The forest was large and covered in poisonous miasma. Not only did the miasma lower visibility, it was now getting very dark. Yun Shang thought she could use these to her advantage and evade her attackers.

As she fled, Yun Shang focused on the sound of footsteps. Her attackers seemed to be closing in on her. Yun Shang gritted her teeth. Her lack of inner power had now become a lethal disadvantage. It would not be long before the two men caught up with her.

Yun Shang had only two options. Either she stayed and fought, or given her poor abilities, she could run till the attackers caught up with her. Regardless of which option she chose, the result would be death. Yun Shang decided to risk her life on a plan. As she ran, Yun Shang reached into her sleeve for a fire starter*. As she passed by a mountain of dead leaves, she grabbed a handful. She quickly lit the leaves and threw them over a pile of withered leaves on the ground.

(*TN: As the story goes, in Ancient China, there used to be a kind of fire starter called Huo Zhe Zi. It's said to be made of flammable substances such as saltpeter, sulfur, rosin, camphor, and various spices. Normally, the fire starter is placed in a bamboo tube. When the tube is opened, the substances will start to burn.)

The burning embers spread quickly and before long, all the leaves had caught fire. As Yun Shang passed by more piles of dead leaves, she continued to set them on fire. As more and more piles of leaves started to burn, the fire grew into a fierce, roaring blaze. It wasn't long before Yun Shang's cheeks burned with the heat from the fires. As the forest was full of withered leaves and dying trees, the fire would soon turn into an inferno, and engulf everything in the forest.

Although Yun Shang felt relieved because her plan was coming along well, she frowned as her attackers seemed to be gaining on her. Yun Shang abruptly turned in another direction. If she remembered correctly, she would be heading toward the pond she had seen when chasing the elk.

"Damn it! Send a signal to gather our people! Our soldiers and weapons are hidden in this mountain. We must stop the fire from burning everything!" Yun Shang smiled when she heard the roar from behind her. It seemed that her plan had taken effect. She even wished that the fire would burn the forest to ashes, along with the soldiers hiding inside it.

However, she heard the voice again. And this time, she shuddered in fear. The voice said, "Ning Ye! Follow her and catch her! You will bring her back to me, dead or alive!" Yun Shang flushed with anxiety at his words. Her triumphant mood was swept away. As she continued to run at full speed, she grit her teeth and reached for the bell. She pulled it from her belt and shook it furiously.

After sending ou

een to dart silver needles at the men, twice. Ning Ye presumed she lacked the skills to fight. He became more convinced of his presumption when Yun Shang didn't dodge when he pounced on her. He was not expecting her to be armed. Suddenly, he saw the dagger in her hand.

Alarmed, Ning Ye tried to evade, but it was too late for him to change position. And even if he could evade, he would be in a passive position. That would leave him at a greater disadvantage. Determined, he braced himself to be stabbed by the dagger. But before Yun Shang could withdraw the dagger, Ning Ye gathered his internal force, and directed it to his hand before clapping her.

Yun Shang had little experience with real combat strategy and didn't expect that Ning Ye would allow himself to be injured by her dagger. Astonished, she lowered her guard for an instant. She hadn't thought that he would take this opportunity to attack her. Surprised and defenseless, she was hit.

As Ning Ye's hand touched Yun Shang, his whole internal force transferred to her. Yun Shang almost screamed as she felt her entire shoulder blade being injured to the point of almost shattering.

After the attack, they both stepped back. Since Ning Ye and Yun Shang had underestimated each other and had been injured in the process, they became much more cautious.

Yun Shang waited for the opportunity to attack him again, but this time, Ning Ye kept his distance. Suddenly, a firework burst in the sky. As the light chased away the darkness, Yun Shang turned her head away from her attacker. Although they were fighting, Ning Ye still didn't know her identity. She was afraid that Ning Ye would be able to see her face. Ning Ye took the chance and attacked her again.

Yun Shang dodged, but was still hit.

Suddenly, Xia Houjing stopped attacking Prince Jing. He grit his teeth before shouting, "Stop! There's an emergency! We need to return to the camp!" Ning Ye gave his opponent one last look before following Xia Houjing back into the dense forest.

When she could finally relax, Yun Shang registered the taste of blood in her mouth. She closed her eyes to resist the impulse to cough. Instead, she breathed deeply and swallowed the blood.

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