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   Chapter 203 Sharing Weal And Woe

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"What's that?" Yun Shang heard someone talking above them. She was startled. When Yun Shang and Prince Jing heard someone talking, they panicked and dove into the water. They didn't have the time to put away the rope. If the rope was seen by those people, they would know that someone must have climbed up the mountain.

"Come on. Let's go and take a look." Yun Shang frowned at the conversation. Even though Yun Shang and Prince Jing were hiding in the water, they could still be easily spotted if those people came closer and looked into the water. Fortunately, it was the upstream of the waterfall, so the water was deep. Yun Shang and Prince Jing could submerge themselves deeper before those people checked the water.

Yun Shang turned to look at Prince Jing. She found that he was frowning. His eyes were tightly closed and he looked pale. Yun Shang was shocked. 'Prince Jing doesn't know how to hold his breath under water!'

Then Yun Shang smiled bitterly at her thought. Maybe it was because Prince Jing had been so efficient and resourceful in his daily life that Yun Shang had never thought there were things that he couldn't do. The fact that Prince Jing couldn't hold his breath would be fatal to him and disastrous to their mission.

Just as Yun Shang was contemplating their options, she heard the faint sound of footsteps. She knew those people were coming closer to the river's edge. Yun Shang didn't have the time to think. She quickly swam to Prince Jing and placed her hand under his arm. With the Prince securely in her grasp, she pulled him as she swam deeper.

When Yun Shang had swum deep enough to avoid being seen by the people ashore, she stopped to check on Prince Jing. She became flustered when she found that he looked worse. Prince Jing's face had turned blue due to lack of oxygen. 'Crap!' Yun Shang thought to herself. She was afraid that Prince Jing couldn't stay in the water for too much longer.

Just then, she heard someone talking from the shore. Yun Shang listened attentively.

"Look. What's this?" Someone asked.

"It's a rope...... Someone must have climbed up the mountain. And there must be more than one person." Another man answered. Yun Shang sighed. She wished that they hadn't found the rope. But those people did spot it hanging from the tree. Yun Shang was worried about Prince Jing. She felt anxious. 'Why don't they leave?'

When she felt that Prince Jing going limp, Yun Shang knew that the Prince couldn't hold his breath any longer.

Yun Shang bit her lip as she thought over her

rince and Princess encountered no beasts in the forest. Perhaps that was because of the miasma. Yun Shang felt quite relieved. But she was concerned that they wouldn't find the right direction. Besides, they knew nothing about this forest, so the only thing they could do was wander around and try their luck as time went by.

After they took their third pills, the Prince and Princess still hadn't found anything. Yun Shang felt more and more anxious. Mount Kirin covered hundreds of miles. If they kept looking for the curing herb aimlessly, they would be trapped in the woods.

It was not good to wander around like this.

And they both knew that.

Prince Jing stopped and said, "Your grandfather said that on the day that he found traces of the secret troops, the miasma was not so thick. He also mentioned that the south side of Mount Kirin was clearer as it had rained. Today, it looks like we don't have his luck."

When Yun Shang was about to say something, she saw Prince Jing close his eyes, as if he was sensing something.

Yun Shang looked at Prince Jing and asked, "What are you doing?"

Prince Jing answered softly, "When we were climbing the mountain, the wind was coming from the north. Since we don't have any sense of direction inside the forest, I'm trying to feel the wind. If I can feel the wind, we'll have a little help."

Yun Shang forced a bitter smile. 'Well, that sounds like a logical way to figure out directions. Right now, we can only count on the wind.'

"This way." Prince Jing said in a low voice as he turned to his right.

After they took a few steps, the Prince and Princess heard some noises. It sounded like someone was stepping on the leaves.

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