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   Chapter 199 Scheming And Plotting (Part Two)

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Yun Shang was startled, but she managed to put on a bright smile. "Mother prepared the wedding dress for me twenty years ago. It's really beautiful. Actually, I just went to visit Sister in her Princess Palace. Yesterday, my maid who just returned told me that there were some rumors about Sister in the Imperial City. I was worried about Sister, so I paid a visit to her today and found that she was not in a good mood. Father, Prince Qingsu seems to be a decent young man. Why didn't Father accept his proposal to Sister? If Sister marries Prince Qingsu, it would be beneficial to her reputation."

Emperor Ning squinted at Yun Shang and wondered if she was speaking the truth. Before he replied, Li Fuyi interrupted, "Your Majesty, I hate to talk about this, but Princess Hua Jing is my niece. I felt sad when Princess Yun Shang mentioned her situation. As a Princess from the royal family, Princess Hua Jing has been cultivated and guided with the best etiquette. I think it would be impossible for her to have done such things. She must have been framed. Maybe someone is plotting against Her Majesty?"

Yun Shang nodded. "I agree."

Emperor Ning was displeased. He looked at Li Fuyi coldly and sneered, "Save your breath. I can make my own decisions."

Yun Shang lowered her head sadly. Emperor Ning frowned and said, "You are getting married soon, so I'm going to send two experienced Madams to guide you regarding some necessary knowledge from tomorrow. Do pay attention to their teachings. They will also accompany you to Prince Jing's Mansion and continue to serve you there. Their advice could be of great use to you."

"I will, Father. Thank you." Yun Shang had to agree. However, she was getting agitated, because she was actually planning to ask for Emperor Ning's permission to leave the Palace for some time. She wanted go to Mount Kirin and investigate why Xia Houjing was there. However, she didn't expect that Emperor Ning would make such an arrangement all of a sudden. Although Emperor Ning had mentioned it once before and Yun Shang had used it as an excuse to refuse the Empress's offer, she never took it seriously because Emperor Ning hadn't brought it up again. Until now... It meant that she might not be able to get away from the Palace at this point.

Yun Shang frowned. After finishing her small talk with Emperor Ning and Li Fuyi, Yun Shang rushed back to Qingxin Palace. "Jin

to his playful joke. "I'll be waiting for you tonight, Uncle."

Then she heard Prince Jing laugh cheerfully.

At Qiwu Palace, an old Madam was helping the Empress take off her hairpin before combing the Empress's hair. "Your Majesty, Princess Hua Jing sent a message today. She wants to see Your Majesty."

The Empress smiled bitterly. "Why can't she learn a lesson? She is my only daughter, but she never learns to use her intelligence."

The Madam lowered her head and remained silent.

"I don't know if I will be able to protect her in the future." The Empress looked into the mirror and touched the wrinkles around her eyes. She forced a smile, "It has been twenty years since I came to this Palace. I'm getting old..."

The Madam shook her head hurriedly. "Please don't belittle yourself, Your Majesty. You are still at your best age."

These words were of little consolation to the Empress. She knew the truth very well and she didn't need these comforting words.

"It cost my family a lot to help brother get the position of Imperial Commander. Alas, he has been dismissed from that position. And as a result, it would be difficult for Father and Mother to contact me. The situation is getting serious and I can't wait passively for the end..." The Empress closed her eyes with a touch of sadness.

"Madam, the sixth day of the next month would be a good chance. I'll make some arrangements while preparing for Yun Shang's wedding. I have to gain His Majesty's respect again. I must seize this chance. I'll write a letter to Father explaining my actions. Send it to him when possible."

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