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   Chapter 197 Clearance (Part Two)

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Qin Yi flashed her most brilliant smile while presenting the emerald jade pendant to Yun Shang. Qin Yi was on tenterhooks when she had accompanied Lord Zheng to Prince Jing's Mansion. She had served Yun Shang for a long time, and knew the Prince to some extent. However, she knew her master much better. She was afraid that Prince Jing would treat the Princess shabbily. But judging from Prince Jing's responses when Lord Zheng was announcing the Imperial Edict, Qin Yi saw no sign of hatred nor resentment on his face. He even gave his jade pendant to Qin Yi in everyone's presence.

In Qin Yi's opinion, this jade pendant had no other significance other than being of high value. But Lord Zheng told her that the jade pendant was the only valuable personal object Prince Jing had before he was adopted by the former Emperor Ning. It may be the only clue that would unfold the secret of his birth. Lord Zheng even told Qin Yi of an incident that happened two decades ago when His Majesty and Prince Jing were young boys. One day, His Majesty wanted to look at the jade pendant. But as soon as His Majesty seized the jade pendant in his hands, Prince Jing desperately pushed His Majesty down, and had a terrible fight with His Majesty.

It seemed that the jade pendant was by no means an ordinary jade to Prince Jing. It stood for his family members whom he had never met. Now, as Prince Jing was willing to present it to the Princess, it would mean that the Prince must love the Princess very much. The Princess was so clever, that she would clearly know how the Prince feels about her. The Princess would be very happy if she marries a person who loves her with his heart and soul.

Yun Shang took the emerald jade pendant from Qin Yi, and inspected it. The jade was, of course, of excellent quality. It was so smooth that it seemed to run through her fingers like emerald water. There were patterns of dragon and phoenix carved on the front face of the jade pendant, and a character, Luo, had been carved on the back.

So, the jade pendant explained why Prince Jing was surnamed Luo. Yun Shang gently rubbed the warm jade pendant while thinking of the stories behind it. Then her lips curled into a grin, "Qin Yi, teach me how to make a string knot*."

(TN *A string knot is a kind of ornament which can be hung on the waistband in Ancient China. It is a knot woven of colorful silk strings, with beautiful fringes on one end and a string on the other for hanging light objects. It can be used to carry jade, sachets, and other decorative articles. The Chinese Knot is one example of a string knot.)

Qin Yi smiled at Yun Shang. She teased as she spoke, "Yes. But why does Your Highness want to learn knotting today? Your Highness has never shown any interest in any women's craftsmanship before. I think Your Highness should also learn something about embroidering. At the very least, Your Highness should be capable of making

d doubt that she was a fairy from Heaven.

Hua Jing was jealous when she saw Yun Shang's beauty! She had to clench her teeth to suppress her anger. However, Hua Jing didn't want to lose her dignity before Yun Shang. After subduing her agony and tidying herself, Hua JIng asked coldly, "Why are you here? My Palace is strictly guarded. How did you come in?"

Yun Shang giggled at Hua Jing's question. "Sister, how important you are! Instead of guarding the Imperial City, the Imperial Guards have to protect you. Your Palace is indeed strictly guarded. But the new Imperial Commander told me that as I am a Princess and haven't made any mistakes, I can go wherever I want."

Hua Jing was enraged by Yun Shang's ironic tone. "Yun Shang, did you come here to deride me? I'm sorry as I will disappoint you. I am very well. I was born nobler than you, and I will, of course, die nobler than you as well. I was born to the Empress, and I am the Princess Royal of Ning. Your mother is just a deserted woman who spent most of her life in the Cold Palace. My mother has fed you and loved you for all these years. But you treated us in such a shameful way. You are no better than an ungrateful dog!"

Yun Shang laughed heartily as if she had heard the funniest joke in the world. Yun Shang walked slowly toward Hua Jing. She was smiling at Hua Jing, but her gaze was cold. "Hum, your mother indeed treated me nicely. She spoiled me when I was a child. But she just did so to make me habituate enjoyment. Even the Grand Tutor hated teaching me. As a result, I grew into an illiterate, wayward Princess who earned an ill reputation among all the noble girls in the Imperial City. Besides, you and your mother have designed every conceivable method to eliminate me. You hired people to push me off high places and even poisoned my food. You and your mother have never gotten tired of thinking of ways to kill me... How well you and your mother have taken care of me..."

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