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   Chapter 195 To Lower His Guard (Part Three)

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Teary-eyed, Yun Shang continued in a trembling voice, as if she was no longer able to hold back her grievances, "So I readily agreed, and brought a painting from Master Wu Na's collection to sister. On my way, I encountered Prince Jing. He was surprised by my happiness, and exchanged a few greetings with me. He casually asked where I was going and the purpose of my visit. After learning about my intentions, he advised me to make my own painting. He said you would appreciate a gift that I made by my own hands, rather than something I found. I thought his point to be valid. So I went back to my palace, and found a painting I had copied in the temple, and brought it to sister. As for what happened during my Coming-of-age Ceremony, I can only say that Her Majesty and Princess Hua Jing taught me a lesson."

Naturally, Emperor Ning didn't forget what had happened at the banquet. He had felt strange about the incidents that had transpired, but he had brushed the feeling aside. Now that he could see the whole story, he was enraged. He hadn't expected the Empress to be so bold as to play tricks under his nose. Nor had he thought that she would try to harm his daughter.

Letting out a sigh, Emperor Ning cast an apologetic glance at Yun Shang, "I didn't know these things. You have suffered, my daughter."

That was the reaction that Yun Shang had been waiting for. She flashed another bitter smile, before continuing, "Father, it's okay. You are an Emperor, and you have to attend to the affairs of the state. You cannot possibly know of every scheme in the imperial household. And I am a grown woman. I know how to protect myself. But mother does not. And she bears a child in her belly. I hope you can spend some time looki

se, when released, Prince Jing didn't heckle him. On the contrary, the Prince had come to request that the marriage be arranged for as soon as possible.

Did the Prince have any idea what the marriage would cost him? The Prince had promised that he would return his half of the Hufu on his wedding day. Did he really want that?

The Emperor was even more surprised by the Prince's retirement plan. At the start, he thought Yun Shang was lying. But as he listened more, he found her words to be logical and genuine, and everything fit with his earlier investigation. He felt guilty for having doubted his own daughter.

"Father, I've looked into the calendar. The sixth day of the next lunar month is a lucky day. How about we arrange my marriage to Prince Jing on that day? It's rushed, but I'm afraid that's exactly what uncle wants. Oh, by the way, is the emergency he mentioned really that urgent? I was thinking, it would be good to have the wedding settled earlier. As mother hasn't given birth to the child, she could attend the ceremony. Since she has already prepared my wedding gowns, she must want to attend my wedding ceremony very much..."

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