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   Chapter 194 To Lower His Guard (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 6986

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Emperor Ning's hand trembled slightly at her words. A guilty look appeared in his eyes. After a while, he slowly spoke, "You've never mentioned about your life in the temple before. Tell me then, how was it? Was it good? I feel sorry for what has happened to you and your mother. Your mother trusted your care to me, but I didn't protect you well, not from people nor from poison."

A painful look came into Yun Shang's eyes as she heard the words. Emperor Ning noticed the subtle change in her emotions. He gazed at the Princess, and remained quiet as he waited for her answer. He saw her bitter smile. Immersed in her thoughts, Yun Shang closed her eyes, as if she were haunted by all the nightmares again. When he had almost given up, Yun Shang finally answered his question. She narrated in a low, depressed voice, "When I arrived at Ning'guo Temple, because of the poison, I was barely conscious. During that period, I can only remember that I was required to take medicine all the time. I was even bathed in a medicated bath all day long. As part of the treatment, I was required to do many other painstaking things. After three months' treatment, I finally could sit and talk.

Later, when I got better, though I don't know why, there was always someone sneaking into the temple to claim my life. Luckily, I managed a narrow escape for many times. I still remember some of these escapes. Once, I was tricked into leaving Ning'guo Temple by a novice monk. Lured into a forest, I found many people dressed in black waiting to kill me. It was raining heavily that day, and I could only run in my defense. Many times, I had to bury myself in the fallen leaves, and watch them pass by. I was so scared at the time. I feared that they would find and kill me. I feared that I would never come back to the Imperial City alive, nor see you and mother again. Then all the assassins disappeared. It was dark, and I had to find my way back. On my way downhill, I slipped. After rolling down the hill, I lost conscious. When I awoke, I was back in the temple, and Master Wu Na was at my bedside. He

as she thought of why she had relaxed her investigation of the Prince. When she and the Prince got to know each other, her first reaction had been to send Ning Qian to investigate him. But to her surprise, later on, they didn't become enemies. Instead they were allies, as they both wanted Li Clan's downfall.

"If uncle hadn't saved my life, I wouldn't be able to sit here and talk to you, father. I always thought my life at Ning'guo Temple to have been full of danger, as there had been so many assassination attempts. It wasn't until I entered the Palace that I realized that the most lethal thing in the world was not a direct knife. Sometimes the most terrifying threat emerges from the invisible. Do you still remember my embroidery, father? It wasn't my idea, but Her Majesty had asked me to make one. At that time, I had just returned from Ning'guo Temple. After so many years of studying Buddhism, how could I have learned to embroider? But I feared that my lack of skills would upset you, father. I was so distressed by my incapability that I spoke with the Empress. Her Majesty noticed my anxiety, and suggested that she would have Hua Jing make one for me. She advised that I could claim that I had embroidered it myself. At that time, I had no idea that my sister was so talented in embroidery, that all the ladies in the Imperial City could recognize her work at first sight."

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