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   Chapter 193 To Lower His Guard (Part One)

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Upon hearing the Prince's words, Yun Shang said no more. After a long while, she chuckled. Though she was laughing, her eyes reflected her sadness, for she suddenly realized that she had never been loved. No one's heart truly belonged to her, neither in her previous lifetime nor in the recent one.

How could she be happy with a forced marriage? Both she and Prince Jing had their own schemes and troubles, but the ultimate solution was to get married. Only through marriage would they achieve their goals. What an awful couple they made...

Yun Shang didn't say a word. Instead, she giggled. She had matured considerably in this life at least, and had learned to exchange her marriage for what she wanted. As her bitter laughter settled, she spoke to the Prince.

"It's not a good time, but we can't delay anymore. You must've known about the one hundred thousand soldiers hiding in the State of Ning. At least that is what I've heard. Perhaps there are more of them. Right now, if you lost father's trust, the other states would take the chance and invade Ning. And if that happened, it would be catastrophic for the State of Ning. I'm fully aware of your ambitions. But you can't achieve any of them if the State of Ning is at stake. It's also in your interest. Therefore..."

"Therefore, our marriage is the best and only solution." Prince Jing completed Yun Shang's sentence. He felt a sudden ache spreading in his heart. Upon casting a glance at Yun Shang, he noticed the indifferent expression on her face. He hadn't forgotten yet, how unhappy she had been when she learned that he had asked for the royal decree of their marriage. The Prince also remembered how he had forced and cajoled her into consenting. But now, when Yun Shang spoke of their marriage, her voice was calm and indifferent, as if they were discussing what they would have for dinner.

He wished Yun Shang to set her goals based on what was in her heart, not by what was in her best interest.

Yun Shang paused for a while when she noticed Prince Jing's displeasure. But all she could manage was a bitter grin, as she said, "Of course. If that were the case, we should make the best of both worlds. So, why not?"

Without sayi

ent, and have much more free time than before. Your mother is not in the Palace, so I don't have anyone to talk to. Perhaps we can have a father to daughter chat?" Smiling, Emperor Ning pointed to a chair nearby, and said, "Have a seat. I've got to finish this."

Nodding to him, Yun Shang sat on the chair. She gazed at a glaze lamp and murmured, "The woman painted on the lamp looks familiar."

Emperor Ning paused for a while before he said, "This is the portrait I drew for your mother before."

Yun Shang nodded to him, and breathed out a sigh. "Last month, I paid a visit to Laifeng Palace. Mother was fine, as was the child in her belly. I'm expecting a sibling soon, I guess."

Emperor Ning hummed softly in consent. But before he could say anything, Yun Shang let out another sigh. She continued sadly, as if the conversation reminded of her earlier experiences, "When the child is born, please don't give him or her to someone else. Mother has suffered a lot during these past years. Things would've been easier for her had I been around. The people in Laifeng City are honest and simple. During my stay there, I had asked mother whether she wanted to walk around the city. But she declined, for she hadn't been outside in the past ten years, and she had no idea about the recent world. She said she was at a loss, not knowing what was in vogue, nor who was in power. She also had no idea what topic to talk about. With all that, she didn't want to go out."

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