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   Chapter 192 The Return Of The Nightmare (Part Three)

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Yun Shang stretched out her hand to wipe the sweat on her face. Huan'er! Her Huan'er... The nightmare had shattered Yun Shang's heart. She wondered how her Huan'er was doing now. Did he find a good family in his new life? Was he loved by his parents and siblings?

Taking the silk towel handed by Qin Yi, Yun Shang cleaned her face gently. Although she was no longer asleep or in a daze, the Princess still stared blankly at the wall in front of her. Sensing someone else's stare, Yun Shang suddenly raised her head to check. Prince Jing was frowning at her.

Prince Jing...

Yun Shang was surprised. She blinked her eyes to dispel the illusion. But he didn't disappear. 'Is the Prince really standing in my room?' Yun Shang wondered.

Yun Shang turned to look at Qin Yi. The maid caught the Princess's confused expression. Qin Yi explained with a smile, "Your Highness, Prince Jing has been here for a while. As Your Highness was sleeping, we didn't wake you. The Prince intended to visit you tomorrow. But I told the Prince that Your Highness had instructed the cooks to prepare dinner. So the Prince is waiting in the Hall for Your Highness to wake up."

Did His Majesty indeed set Prince Jing free? As Yun Shang was still in her trance, she looked at Prince Jing in astonishment. Prince Jing burst into laughter while seeing Yun Shang's expression. He walked into Yun Shang's chamber and sat on her bedside. After touching Yun Shang's forehead, the Prince asked gently, "Did you have a nightmare?"

Yun Shang nodded. Yes! It was indeed her most terrifying nightmare. Yun Shang thought to herself.

"What kind of nightmare was it? I saw that you were troubled in your sleep. And you woke up all of a sudden. You even kept calling Huan'er in your dream. Who is Huan'er?" Prince Jing asked curiously.

Yun Shang was surprised at the Prince's question. She lowered her head after a short while, "I cannot remember. I cannot even remember what I saw in my dream..." Catching a trace of suspicion in

omplicated feeling was surging in his heart. "If that day really comes, and His Majesty and I have to fight each other, who will you help?"

Yun Shang's expression froze after hearing the Prince's words. Then she stayed silent for quite a long time.

Prince Jing looked away from Yun Shang and burst into a bitter smile. He said in defeat, "Oh, I forget that you are His Majesty's daughter. Your mother is His Majesty's lady, and is pregnant with His Majesty's baby now. You will of course help His Majesty..."

Yun Shang still stayed silent. But a feeling of uncertainty was surging in her heart. She had never thought that the Emperor and Prince Jing would find themselves at odds one day. She had never wondered about who she would help if the Prince and His Majesty were to become enemies.

Silence permeated the Hall. The rising gray smoke from the incense stove was the only dynamic thing in the Hall. It was so quiet that the sound of a falling needle would be clearly heard.

"Pang..." The teacup lid in Yun Shang's hand slipped onto the teacup. Some tea water splashed from inside the teacup. Yun Shang looked at the teacup, and said, "If..."

But Prince Jing interrupted Yun Shang before she could finish speaking. "All right. Let's get married. I will request His Majesty to pick an auspicious day for our wedding."

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