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   Chapter 191 The Return Of The Nightmare (Part Two)

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Yun Shang was so shocked that she had to lean against the door frame to support herself. She closed her eyes to suppress the surging pain in her heart. 'It was my wish to make Hua Jing happy. So I agreed to live with Hua Jing. Now, as Hua Jing is quite happy, there is no need for me to feel sad.' Yun Shang tried to console herself with all these justifications. 'I will be fine no matter what happens. I used to be a naughty girl, who rivaled with Hua Jing for everything. Now, Hua Jing is in love with my husband. I can tolerate it if Hua Jing is really happy. I will be fine with the affair between Hua Jing and my husband. Jingran is a playboy. I have known it since the first several months after our wedding. Anyway, Hua Jing is a much better choice than those dissolute women in the outside world.

What saddens me is his behavior toward Huan'er, who is, after all, his son. Huan'er has been sick for over half a month, but Jingran hadn't come to visit Huan'er.'

Yun Shang stood at the doorway for a long while. She leaned against the door until her feet became numb. Then she rallied herself to cough as usual. The talking immediately stopped. Yun Shang tried to speak as loudly as she could, "Wu Yi, ask the physician to subscribe some herbs for me. I caught a cold. Bring the medicine for me after it is boiled."

After a long time, a reluctant "yes" was heard from outside.

Yun Shang burst into tears though she had tried to hold them back with all her strength. Her tears were so hot that they almost scorched her eyes.

Yun Shang felt dizzy after taking the medicine. Fearful of communicating the cold to Huan'er, Yun Shang went straight to her chamber to rest. She felt better two hours later. She summoned for Lian Xin twice. However, it seemed Lian Xin had not yet returned as no one responded. Before going to see Huan'er, Yun Shang had to get dressed by herself.

Huan'er cheeks seemed red. The quilt, which was supposed to cover his body, was by his side. Yun Shang frowned at this sight

d. He was standing by the window, holding Hua Jing in his arms. And her sister, Hua Jing, was flashing her most graceful smile at her. Then Hua Jing sneered, "The Emperor's Son-in-Law has ordered that no one should disturb him. You are rude to ignore his orders. Kneel until I allow you to stand." Then the merry giggle of Hua Jing followed.

Yun Shang was at a loss. She looked down at Huan'er face, which was getting paler and paler. Yun Shang felt as if her heart was being sliced, one cut after another.

After a while, Yun Shang knelt on the ground. She pulled at the cloak to shelter Huan'er. Yun Shang rejoiced in the knowledge that she had put on another robe under the cloak, which would certainly protect Huan'er from getting cold.

However, she still felt worried for Huan'er. When she raised the cloak, she was shocked to find that there was a trace of blood at the corner of Huan'er's mouth. And Huan'er looked so pale that he seemed to have breathed his last.

"Huan'er! Huan'er..." Yun Shang cried in horror. The shock of seeing her child die all over again woke Yun Shang from her nightmare. She sat up on the bench all of a sudden.

"Your Highness! Your Highness!" Yun Shang heard someone address her with concern. When she turned, she saw Qin Yi looking at her with worry. "Your Highness, did you have a nightmare?"

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