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   Chapter 190 The Return Of The Nightmare (Part One)

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Marry Prince Jing.

For the rest of the day, Yun Shang felt upset whenever she thought of the suggestion.

Marrying somebody was the last thing Yun Shang had designed for her new life. After being reborn, she wished to enact her revenge and revive the connection between her and her parents. She had even wished to make new acquaintances with real friends who shared common goals with her.

Her marriage with Mo Jingran in her last life was so heart-breaking that she was scared of thinking about marriage. She didn't have the courage to marry somebody. She was afraid of falling in love. She was even fearful that she would be hurt and despised again by her husband whom she would love with her heart and soul.

However, Prince Jing had agreed to hand over his half of the Hufu to the Emperor on their wedding day. In that case, she could not turn down the marriage. At least, with the whole Hufu in hand, the Emperor would feel more secure.

Yun Shang was aware that the Emperor could not afford to annoy Prince Jing. His Majesty was the only one who was fully aware of the extent of Prince Jing's influence. If His Majesty hastily took any action to suppress Prince Jing's forces in court, both sides would probably suffer tremendous losses, even though the Prince was not powerful enough to defeat the Emperor. Yun Shang was unwilling to see the two men at war, no matter what the consequence.

"Your Highness, you are back! Did you get any information about Prince Jing?" Yun Shang stepped into the room in low spirits. The Princess's countenance startled Qin Yi. So, she inquired as soon as she saw Yun Shang.

Yun Shang stared blankly at Qin Yi for a moment. As Prince Jing was already under the Emperor's control, there was no need for the Emperor to kill him. With this in mind, Yun Shang nodded at Qin Yi, "Yes. Prince Jing is safe for now."

She spoke while walking toward the inner Hall. Then Yun Shang sat on her bench. She seemed lost in her thoughts. As Yun Shang sat there, she happened to see a teacup on the table. A plum flower in full blossom had been painted on the teacup.

Qin Yi watched Yun Shang as the Princess walked into the inner Hall. She could not help but feel surprised at the Princess's melancholy. As Prince Jing was safe now, why

ingle minute without Princess Hua Jing by his side." Yun Shang did not recognize the second voice. This maid was a stranger to her. It must be a maid from another Palace who had come to visit Wu Yi.

Wu Yi laughed after hearing those words. Then she said with a touch of shyness, "Do you know how sexy Princess Hua Jing is when she is in bed with the Emperor's Son-in-Law? Several days ago, Princess Yun Shang sent me to find the Emperor's Son-in-Law. When I approached the Emperor's Son-in-Law's study, I happened to hear Princess Hua Jing's moans. It was so teasing that even I, as a woman, could not help but feel a sexual impulse coursing through my body. Wow..."

"Is Princess Hua Jing indeed so alluring?"

"Of course she is. Besides, Princess Hua Jing was born by the Empress, the legal wife of His Majesty. And Princess Hua Jing is also the Princess Royal of the State of Ning. In spite of her pitiful fame as a widow, she has kept many gigolos. Owing to her important position in the court, many people wish to lick her shoes. Alas, Princess Yun Shang is useless. Though brought up by the Empress, Princess Yun Shang is of humble status. Her mother is a deserted lady who has been banished to the Cold Palace by His Majesty. It is said that even the jewelry and ornaments that Princess Hua Jing has awarded to her maids are much better than those used by Princess Yun Shang." Wu Yi let out a cold "hum". There was a touch of agitation in her voice. She desperately wished to be Princess Hua Jing's maid!

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