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   Chapter 189 Unexpected Findings (Part Two)

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When Yun Shang and Wang Jinyan arrived in his yard, they saw Wang Jinhuan grieving over a pile of portraits. The women in these portraits were extremely adorable which made reaching a decision challenging for Wang Jinhuan. "Whom should I choose? Lady Qin seems gentle and kind. But Lady Zhao is prettier. Lady Qian is more outgoing while Lady Qi is considerate. And then there's Lady Su, Lady Wang, Lady Sun..."

Seeing Wang Jinhuan's misery, Yun Shang tried to suppress her laughter and almost choked. She coughed to relieve her discomfort.

Wang Jinhuan turned around curiously. "Your Highness? What brings Your Highness here? Have you heard from Prince Jing?"

Wang Jinyan had also heard that Prince Jing was missing, but she had forgotten to ask Yun Shang about it. So she asked with concern, "Is Prince Jing alright, Your Highness?"

Yun Shang shook her head. "I'm not sure yet. Actually, I came here today for another matter. But it is quite related to Prince Jing's whereabouts." Yun Shang looked at Wang Jinhuan solemnly. "Mister Wang, I want to know whether Prince Jing asked you to investigate Ning Ye or not. And I want to know what you found during your investigation."

Wang Jinhuan looked away. He couldn't meet Yun Shang's gaze and avoided answering her directly, "You mean Ning Ye has something to do with Prince Jing's disappearance?"

"I'm not certain but I think he does. If you feel uncomfortable, I can tell you what I found first. Someone is posing as Ning Ye." Yun Shang said flatly.

Yun Shang's casual tone left Wang Jinhuan slightly embarrassed. He forced a smile and said, "That's pretty much what we have found as well, Your Highness. But is he really related to the disappearance of His Highness?"

"I can't say for sure, but I certainly have my suspicions." Yun Shang sighed. "Uncle trusts you, so I don't want to hide anything from you. My grandfather came to the Palace today. He told me that a foreign army had camped on Mount Kirin..."

Wang Jinhuan's expression changed abruptly. "It's exactly as Prince Jing speculated."

As he speculated? Yun Shang noticed his choice of words and turned to Wang Jinhuan. She was puzzled. Wang Jinhuan continued, "His Highness encountered several assassinations before, and the force behind them seems to be growing. Last year, during an assassination, His Highness encountered a squad. Their weapons and accent indicated that t

forces, the Emperor would let her marry Prince Jing as his concubine."

Yun Shang felt a sharp pain in the heart and forced a bitter smile. Her father was indeed an excellent Emperor!

"Qin Yi, send for my grandfather please..." Yun Shang ordered loudly.

It was natural for His Majesty to want the Hufu back, because he was the Emperor. However, His Majesty had no idea that there was a foreign army of a hundred thousand soldiers in his country. If anything bad happened to Prince Jing now, it would be disastrous for the State of Ning.

Before long, Qin Yi brought Xiao Yuanshan to the Palace. Yun Shang met him in the outer Hall and asked Qin Yi and Qian Yin to guard the door. Then she shared what she found with Xiao Yuanshan.

Xiao Yuanshan remained silent for a while. He forced a smile before speaking, "His Majesty is being unreasonable. I told him that Prince Jing was important to keep the balance between the Li Clan and the Royal family. At that time, Prince Jing hadn't made many military achievements. It's even more unwise to plot against him now. It is possible that His Majesty started to worry about the other half of the Hufu when Prince Jing mentioned it during the marriage discussion. Perhaps that worry drove him to make a wrong move?"

Yun Shang said nothing.

Xiao Yuanshan noticed her silence and smiled. "Fortunately, nothing horrible has happened yet. Shang'er, I'll take care of this and persuade His Majesty to let Prince Jing go. But if you want to avoid such kind of trouble, maybe you should have a talk with Prince Jing, and hold your wedding ceremony soon."

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