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   Chapter 188 Unexpected Findings (Part One)

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Yun Shang was shocked. There was an army from another state in the State of Ning. But no one knew?

"An army consists of at least ten thousand soldiers. And if they have a bigger plan, I assume this number would be much bigger than that. But how did such a large group of people enter the State of Ning without drawing any attention?"

Xiao Yuanshan looked at the horizon with vacant eyes. "Break the whole into parts. They might have disguised themselves as ordinary people or businessmen when crossing the border. Judging from the size of their camps, I think there are at least a hundred thousand soldiers. It is a plan that has been deliberately prepared over a long period. Even if they arrived in smaller groups, it would take several years for them to enter the State of Ning considering their number."

A hundred thousand?

Yun Shang's face gradually grew solemn. If it were an elite force, a hundred thousand soldiers would be capable of wreaking havoc, including overthrowing a nation.

No wonder conspiracies against Prince Jing had emerged more frequently in recent days. Maybe they were ready to make their move. As Prince Jing was their primary threat, they needed to get rid of him first. Yun Shang couldn't imagine the fate of Ning if Prince Jing wasn't around to defend it against such an intricate and well-planned conspiracy.

"Grandfather, Prince Jing was abducted. We have to find him now. Shall we tell His Majesty about this army?" Yun Shang went blank and asked Xiao Yuanshan.

At the sight of her worried expression, Xiao Yuanshan patted her shoulder and smiled. "Shang'er, don't worry. Now that I know about their plan, we can always find a way out. Calm down. I'll talk to His Majesty. Your priority is to look for Prince Jing. Besides, I know you have deployed some people in the State of Ning and in other states. It's time for them to play their part. I'm sure you will make it work."

Yun Shang gradually calmed down. Grandfather was right. She shouldn't panic now. "I will not let you down, Grandfather. I'll think about it and confer with you soon."

After that, Yun Shang returned to Qingxin Palace and locked herself in the inner Hall. Qian Yin and Qin Yi saw her sketching and writing on parchment, but they didn't understand the content.

A hundred thousand. Even if they had entered Ning in small groups, it would take them a long time. These soldiers would also need someone to coordinate with them from inside Ning. According to Yun Shang, that person must have high social status in Ning. Otherwise, it would be impossible to move a hundre

and looked at Wang Jinyan. Wang Jinyan rejoiced at the news and gave Lady Wang a big hug. "You are the best, Mother!" But she drew her hand back with a hiss.

Lady Wang frowned and took Wang Jinyan's hand. At a closer look, she saw the holes caused by the needle. Some were still bleeding. Lady Wang immediately felt protective towards her daughter. "Look at you. How come?"

Wang Jinyan pouted and withdrew her hand. "The needle for embroidery is most difficult to handle, much more troublesome than my pike. It just won't listen to me. I want it to make flowers, but all it has done is hurt my hand."

Lady Wang sighed. "You don't have to learn that anymore. Go and have fun with Her Highness." Then she curtsied to Yun Shang and exited.

Yun Shang teased Wang Jinyan. "I didn't know that you would surrender to a small needle."

Wang Jinyan wasn't embarrassed at all. "What's the big deal? It's nothing special anyway. What I'm good at, such as horse-riding and archery, is even more challenging for other girls in the Imperial City."

Yun Shang couldn't help laughing, but she didn't forget the purpose of her visit. "Where is your brother? I need to see him urgently."

Wang Jinyan knew that when Yun Shang used words like urgently, the situation must be critical. But still, she teased Yun Shang. "I thought you are here for me. You've broken my heart. All right, I'll take you to see my brother."

Yun Shang patted her hand and said, "Naughty."

As Wang Jinyan said, she wasn't the only one suffering these days. Wang Jinhuan was living an even more pathetic life. In order to convince him to get married soon, Lady Wang had collected portraits of all the ladies of the right age to send to Wang Jinhuan.

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