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   Chapter 187 Grandfather‘s Arrival (Part Three)

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Lord Hua Guo smiled at them. "The other day, I saw Her Highness, and I found that she looked a lot like my daughter. It made me feel close to her. Besides, I have heard that Prince Jing had an accident. When I thought of Her Highness's sadness, I became worried. So I came to make sure that she was fine."

Before they stopped talking, Lord Zheng entered in a hurry.

All of them present looked at Lord Zheng expectedly. Lord Zheng lowered his head and spoke in a low voice. "Your Majesty, Xiao Yuanshan has arrived."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows in surprise. A few days ago, Prince Jing had told her that her maternal grandfather was coming to see her. But she had forgotten this since she had been busy. Realizing that her grandfather was here now, Yun Shang was surprised.

"Father, it's my maternal grandfather!" she smiled at her father in excitement.

The Emperor was shocked too. Xiao Yuanshan had resigned from office and lived in seclusion ever since his daughter, Lady Jin, had been banished to the Cold Palace. Now Lady Jin was going to give birth to another child. The Emperor had heard that Xiao Yuanshan went to Laifeng City to see her. However, he had no idea why Xiao Yuanshan had come to the Imperial Palace.

"Is he the former Grand Tutor? I heard about him in the State of Xia. People told me that he was a brilliant man. I've long wanted to visit him. What a coincidence!" said Lord Hua Guo with a smile.

"Let him in." The Emperor commanded.

A man dressed black walked in the door. His face could not be seen as the light source was behind him. However, it was clear that the man was tall and straight. 'I haven't seen my grandfather in a long time. He still has an imposing appearance!' thought Yun Shang.

sigh of relief.

Lord Hua Guo laughed happily. "That's fine! Then Your Majesty and Your Highness do not have to worry too much about His Highness. By the way, I have long admired Mr. Xiao. May I ask you for advice now?"

Xiao Yuanshan looked at Lord Hua Guo. "Glad to meet you, sir! But I'm sorry that I'm not available today as the Princess and I have something urgent to do now. Can I visit you another day?"

Lord Hua Guo nodded.

Yun Shang looked to her father and implored, "Father, since grandfather and I have some business to deal with, could we leave? We'll walk in the Imperial Garden."

After the Emperor agreed, Yun Shang left Qinzheng Hall with Xiao Yuanshan.

"Grandfather, what's up?" Obviously, she did not believe in the theory of trouble as predicted by Master Wu Na. She also knew that her grandfather had never believed in Master Wu Na's predictions.

Xiao Yuanshan looked around to ensure there was no other person around. Then he whispered to Yun Shang. "A few days ago, I passed Mount Kirin, which is behind the Imperial City. I found traces of an army stationed there. But It seems that the army does not belong to our state."

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