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   Chapter 185 Grandfather‘s Arrival (Part One)

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After leaving the temporary imperial palace, they went into a dense forest. Yun Shang frowned. She had heard that the forest was haunted. However, she had never been there before. Yun Shang didn't know there was thick fog here at night. Since it was late at night, the fog hadn't dissipated. It was impossible to see anything in the forest.

'How cunning! But...don't they worry about the fog?' The Princess knit her brows as she thought.

"We'd better withdraw now. Let's go!" said Yun Shang. She waved at her men to leave. Then she went to Prince Jing's mansion alone.

Prince Jing's chamberlain was waiting for her at the door. Seeing Yun Shang, he hurried to her. "Your Highness, did you find His Highness?" the chamberlain asked eagerly.

Yun Shang shook her head. As soon as she walked into the mansion, she found that the light in Prince Jing's study was on. As she walked into the study, she saw several people in the room. She recognized Wang Jinhuan. She also recognized two other people in the room. She remembered having met them in the military camp before.

Those two men were shocked when they saw her dressed like a girl. "Mr. Xiao?" They kept looking at her and rubbing their eyes. They were so confused that they did not know what to say. It was hard for them to accept the truth that Mr. Xiao was a girl. 'She lived with Prince Jing when she was in the military camp! What's their real relationship?' The two confused men thought.

"Your Highness, did you find him?" Wang Jinhuan stood up promptly and looked at Yun Shang.

Hearing Wang Jinhuan's question, the two men became even more confused. 'Is she a Princess?' They thought in shock.

Yun Shang nodded to them before sitting down. "We saw him, but he was taken into a thick forest with pea-soup like fog. I was afraid that there would be traps in the forest, so I didn't follow them after they went into the

and continued. "Send more spies to monitor Xia Houjing. I have to know what he does, who he meets, where he goes, and everything else about his actions. Besides Xia Houjing's Mansion, Grand Councilor's Mansion, Wen Mansion, and Shun Qing Mansion should also be monitored."

There was a long silence. People in the room looked at each other without saying anything. Wang Jinhuan broke the silence with an "Aye". And the two generals who knew Yun Shang from before, followed his response.

Seeing that the others did not answer, Yun Shang smiled. "My father has granted marriage between Prince Jing and me. If His Highness dies, I will be half a widow. As a woman, I do care about my fiancé. For me, he is worth more than my life."

Hearing that, Wang Jinhuan looked up at Yun Shang with his pretty eyes. He knew that her words though spoken in jest were meaningful. Of course, her words were not intended to add humor. First, she reminded them that she was going to be His Highness's wife. With the new identity, she would be someone whom they should never offend. Second, she repeatedly stated her stance that she would not allow him to die for they are engaged, and she would help Prince Jing ride out all his troubles. 'How clever she is!' thought Wang Jinhuan.

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