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   Chapter 184 Where Is Prince Jing (Part Three)

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Qin Yi nodded and said, "Something big has happened. Just now, Lady Ya, Lady Meng, Lady Fu, and Empress Yuan Zhen were all poisoned. And His Majesty has ordered that we need to return to the Imperial Palace at once."

"What?" Yun Shang was a little surprised. Why were the four ladies poisoned at the same time? What was the culprit's intention?

Qin Yi nodded. "It's said that His Majesty is outraged. He almost killed the messenger in anger."

Nodding to her maid, Yun Shang ordered, "Let's pack up." With that said, she walked out of the chamber.

But she suddenly stopped at the door and said, "No, let's not...wait for a moment...I sense something is wrong."

Qian Yin pouted, "Of course, it seems weird. We all smelled a plot. Why were the ladies poisoned at the same time? Who did it? And for what reason? Why did he choose to poison the ladies when the Emperor was not around? And what good could it do for him?"

Yun Shang thought for a while and realized that it was a trap. Just like what Qian Yin had mentioned. It wouldn't do the person any good to poison the ladies. Among the poisoned ladies, the Empress was the only one of importance. And the Grand Councilor cared a lot about her. But the other three ladies were insignificant. They meant nothing to anyone. However, the coincidence happened.

"It's a trick to lure us away from the temporary imperial palace." Biting her lower lip, Yun Shang snapped. "I can't return to the Palace now. I have to wait here. Perhaps the Prince is still here. And the culprit poisoned the ladies to drive father away. And if father returns, at least three quarters of the guard in the temporary imperial palace would follow him. With such little force guarding the palace, it would be a great chance for the culprit to escape."


e door and walked out.

Narrowing her eyes, Yun Shang ordered, "Follow them."

"Your Highness, they didn't bring anything with them." A girl looked down, but didn't see any cloth bag. She asked with a frown.

A sharp gaze appeared in Yun Shang's eyes. She said, "One of them is being puppeted. But he walks the same way as Prince Jing."

"Your Highness, should we just take him back?" A girl softly asked.

Yun Shang thought for a while, but was amused by her own thought. At that moment, she did not feel any panic or anxiety. Instead, she felt like a robber, looking down at the streets from a height, waiting for an opportunity to kidnap her prey.

"We have no idea how many people they have. And how many of them have hidden in the dark. We can't risk it. So, what we will do, is follow them, and find out where they are going. Don't act rashly and alert the enemy."

Quietly, they followed the two men out of the temporary imperial palace. Soon, a few men emerge from the dark to join them. The newcomers seemed to be the previous people who had carried the decoys in cloth bags. Yun Shang sneered at the scene, as she wondered about the identity of this audacious culprit.

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