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   Chapter 181 Prince Jing Was Captured (Party Two)

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A while later, the Imperial Commander, who had left to find Lady Wen, rushed in. He knelt in front of Emperor Ning and reported, "Your Majesty, I didn't find Lady Wen. I saw Lady Wen's maid at the bathroom, and she said Lady Wen was inside. I received no response after I called to the Lady a few times. So I burst in and no one was inside."

"In that case, it was probably Lady Wen who has been taken away. Why did Lady Wen lure Prince Jing to the Pavilion? Any other findings?" Emperor Ning asked.

"Your Majesty, I found some signs of struggle in Qingsi House. My guess is that there was a fight there," the Imperial Commander instantly replied.

"Let's go and take a look at Qingsi House, " Emperor Ning said as he hastily rose to his feet.

Then Yun Shang followed Emperor Ning to Qingsi House. Some arrows lay on the ground. However, the arrowheads were hollow, which was strange.

The others looked at the hollowed arrowheads for a long time but could not tell what they were for. Yun Shang knitted her brows. She noticed a strange, choking smell in the air.

"Something must have happened to Prince Jing, father, " said Yun Shang as she turned to Emperor Ning with a grave look.

Everyone's attention was on Yun Shang. She looked a little pale as she added, "I smell smoke in the yard, and it is choking. I think it's some kind of toxic smoke." Hearing this, Qian Yin who was standing beside Yun Shang, took out a small bottle of medicine from her sleeve. She quickly poured out some pills and gave one to each onlooker.

"My uncle gave me this medicine, just in case. The toxic smoke is very effective. Be careful." Yun Shang reminded everyone present.

As soon as she had finished speaking, she saw that some of the older people seemed to be getting dizzy. She immediately told Qian Yin to give them the medicine first. It took a while for those people to recover.

The rest, seeing what had happened, quickly swallowed the pills in their hands.

Yun Shang then continued, "I guess the hollow arrowhead is probably for the toxic smoke. I just observed that the arrowhead design is quite ingenious. Just blow the toxic smoke into the arrowhead, then gently twist it, and the toxic smoke is hidden inside. Besides, the arrowhead is so fragile that if it hits something hard, it will break. Then the toxic smoke is released. There are so many broken arrows here. If my unc

r thinks me to be, he would fear me. A married daughter is like discarded water. Once I'm married, I have to listen to my husband. I'll be a threat to him by then...'

Yun Shang bit her lip. When she was reborn, she thought that her father would be the lifelong support for her and her mother, but now it seemed that she was wrong... She had thought of everything, but she had forgotten that her father was not only a father and a husband, he was also an Emperor.

She didn't want to be in the Palace anymore.

Yun Shang thought as she quickened her pace toward the backyard.

"Slow down, Your Highness, slow down..." Qian Yin's hasty exhortation came from behind her.

Yun Shang paused. She had forgotten that she had already aroused suspicion and should not expose her Kung Fu.

"Come out." Yun Shang looked around. When she was sure that nobody was around, she spoke out.

Qian Yin was startled when she saw a black figure kneeling in front of Yun Shang. "Your Highness."

Yun Shang nodded and asked, "How is Prince Jing? Do you know where he is? Is he in danger?"

Jing Ying was puzzled. After a long while she shook her head and answered with a wry smile, "Since the day I was sent to protect you, I have no way of knowing of His Highness's whereabouts. I have been by your side all day. I haven't seen him."

"Does his Shadow Guard have any contact with you?" Yun Shang frowned.

Again, Jing Ying shook her head and answered, "I tried to contact them a little while ago and found that they were not in the temporary imperial palace. His Highness seems to have left..."

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