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   Chapter 180 Prince Jing Was Captured (Party One)

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Numerous arrows burst around Prince Jing making it difficult for him to dodge. Prince Jing reacted quickly. As soon as he saw the smoke, he knew that there must be something strange in it. He promptly held his breath and leaped up, only to find a fine, dense net above him. Without pausing, he reached for the net and tried to tear it, but he failed even with his Kung Fu.

"Ice silk?" Prince Jing frowned. Such a large net was made entirely of ice silk. His enemy had really put in a great deal of effort to catch him.

Gradually, Prince Jing felt tired. He knew that it must be because he had accidentally inhaled some smoke. He had intended to risk his life to identify his enemy. So he pretended to resist before helplessly falling to the ground. Then he stood up slowly, leaned against the wall, and asked loudly, "Who thinks so highly of me? You must have put a lot of thought into this trap. Can you come out?"

No one answered him. Then he closed his eyes and fell to the ground with a thud.

It was a while before a low voice said, "I am confident that no one can escape my gigantic net."

At the same time, four men in black jumped from the corner wall. They wore masks to hide their identity. One of them bent over Prince Jing. The man lifted the Prince on his shoulder, and went into the house.

"Your Majesty... Your Majesty... I have terrible news! Princess Hui Guo has been captured!" A sing-song voice said from the front Hall, but it barely caught anyone's attention because of the clanging noise. The eunuch ran to Emperor Ning and fell on his knees. Emperor Ning looked at him in surprise, raised his hand and shouted, "Stop!"

The sound on the stage stopped abruptly. The eunuch hurriedly handed the hairpin to Emperor Ning and said, "Your Majesty, Princess Hui Guo was taken from the backyard!"

Emperor Ning looked at the object in his hand, and recognized it as Yun Shang's hairpin. He paled and asked, "What? What happened? Tell me in detail."

The eunuch answered quickly, "Prince Jing asked me to inform Your Majesty that while he was enjoying the Chinese traditional opera, a maid brought him Princess Yun Shang's brocade handkerchief and told him that Princess Yun Shang invited him to the backyard to discuss something. When he arrived at the opposite side of Lingya Pavilion, he saw Princess Yun Shang sitting alone at Lingya Pavilion. As he was about to walk to her, four men in gray clothes appeared and carried Princess Yun Shang away! By the time Prince Jing arrived at the Pavilion, only this hairpin remained..."

"Where's Prince Jing

adies got wet. I asked them to change into my old clothes. The color of the dress Lady Wen chose was somewhat similar to the color of the official dress I had worn earlier today. Lady Wen is similar to me in shape. With this hairpin, she would look like me from the back."

Emperor Ning gave an approving nod before turning to the Imperial Commander. Then he ordered, "Bring Lady Wen here."

The Imperial Commander nodded and left with his guards. Yun Shang asked uneasily, "Father, my uncle has gone after those people. Is he in danger? The evildoers managed to trick him into the backyard. Lady Wen is probably just bait. I'm afraid their real target is my uncle."

Knowing Yun Shang had a point, Emperor Ning was silent for a moment before he said, "Don't worry, your uncle has outstanding Kung Fu abilities, and he is smart. He will be fine."

Yun Shang kept her head down. After a long time, she bit her lip and looked up. Tears flooded her eyes. She said, "Father, my uncle may not be as powerful as you think. Shortly before uncle's birthday feast, he was seriously injured. He didn't want to worry you, so he didn't tell you. I'm afraid these culprits are the same people who had hurt him the last time. In that case my uncle would be in great danger."

Emperor Ning was amazed at what Yun Shang told him. 'Prince Jing was hurt some time ago? Why did I not hear of this before...' Emperor Ning's eyes darkened as he formed a plan.

"It's no use worrying about him. Now we'll just have to wait and see if we can find anything." Emperor Ning soothed Yun Shang in a low voice.

Yun Shang nodded. She clutched the hem of her long sleeve before lowering her head. She didn't argue with the Emperor any further.

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