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   Chapter 178 Set A Trap (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5359

Updated: 2018-10-10 00:16

Yun Shang lowered her head to conceal the coldness in her eyes, and walked out of the yard with a smile. Yun Shang's yard was a little far from this one. She looked up and guessed that the rain would fall before she arrived at her yard.

Yun Shang nodded to Qin Yi with a smile before Qin Yi withdrew quietly. Some ladies saw that and didn't care as they thought Qin Yi must have left to prepare tea.

Before long, the rain did fall. An instant later, the light rain turned into a downpour. Yun Shang sighed and asked the servants to fetch umbrellas.

While the servants scrambled to find umbrellas, the ladies got soaked in the rain. Yun Shang offered blandly, "I have many spare clothes in my yard. Ladies, please get changed first. Be careful not to catch a cold."

The drenched ladies felt deeply indebted after hearing Yun Shang's words.

When they arrived at the yard, they saw Qin Yi and Qian Yin in the front Hall. They had prepared ginger soup and tea. Seeing Yun Shang and the ladies, Qin Yi immediately walked to the door to receive them, "Ladies, we have prepared clean clothes for you. Please follow me to get changed."

The ladies nodded and followed Qin Yi to the backyard, while Yun Shang went to the bedroom with Qian Yin.

Qian Yin took out a white dress and helped Yun Shang change out of her wet one. When she was about to comb Yun Shang's hair, she was shocked as she didn't see the hairpin. Qian Yin immediately asked, "Your Highness, where is your hairpin?"

Yun Shang smiled nonchalantly, "I gave it to Ruyu as a gift."

Qian Yin remained speechless for a long time

s threw arrows into the pot. Yun Shang looked at them, and laughed with the ladies from time to time. When Yun Shang was watching Sun Ya'niang throwing arrows, Qian Yin grabbed her by the sleeve. Yun Shang raised her eyes and saw Ruyu walking to the end of the queue secretly. She seemed to be withdrawing with her servant girl without being noticed.

Yun Shang smiled and thought, 'You are so impatient to frame me. What can I do in return for your kindness?'

Yun Shang nodded to Qian Yin who then followed the two ladies.

Ruyu stopped at a place near a remote yard in the temporary imperial palace. She carried an umbrella in her hand. She heard a whistle and immediately walked in the direction of the sound. Then she saw a man in gray hiding among the trees in a corner.

Ruyu immediately grabbed the man's arm and asked, "How is it going?" Her voice was full of anxiety.

The man frowned as he sneered, "Why don't you ask about your brother? You only care about that man. Can't you wait any longer?"

Ruyu ground her teeth as resentment flooded her.

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