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   Chapter 177 Set A Trap (Part One)

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Emperor Ning cast a dark glance at Cangjue Qingsu. Qingsu had been injured. He trembled under the heavy pressure of the Emperor's intense gaze.

Qingsu ground his teeth as the development of recent incidents was beyond his expectation. He had wanted to ask Emperor Ning to decree the marriage between Princess Hui Guo and him, but Prince Jing had been one step ahead of him. Hua Jing had just been widowed. Moreover, she was backed by the Empress and Li Clan. Marrying Hua Jing would be much more rewarding than marrying Princess Hui Guo. Qingsu had planned to persuade Hua Jing first and then tell Emperor Ning that he wanted to marry Hua Jing, but he didn't mean for any of this to happen.

Qingsu thought to himself, 'As the head of the State of Xia, Emperor Ning would feel ashamed of such a scandal concerning Hua Jing and would not admit to the servant's claims. If I behave well, I might have a chance.'

Qingsu knelt as he reached a decision. "Your Majesty, let me explain. It was all my fault. I hate to socialize and I'm not interested in performances, so I found a quiet place to rest. But I didn't know it was Princess Hua Jing's yard. When I entered, Princess Hua Jing spotted me and cried. I didn't want to bring shame on Princess Hua Jing, so I covered her mouth in panic. But Mr. Wen saw us and thought I was offending Princess Hua Jing, so he stabbed me with a dagger. I didn't expect that my actions would ruin Princess Hua Jing's reputation." There was a regretful expression on Qingsu's face.

"There is no room for regret when matters have reached this stage. Your Majesty, Your Highness, please forgive me. I, Cangjue Qingsu, am willing to take Princess Hua Jin

and sighed, "Lady Wen, please don't be so sad. If your brother is innocent, he will be fine. Your face is so pale. Were you scared just now?" Yun Shang turned to Qian Yin, "Ask someone to make a bowl of ginseng soup for Lady Wen. It can calm the nerves."

After ordering Qian Yin, Yun Shang turned back and looked at Ruyu who stood there staring blankly. Yun Shang took off her hairpin and inserted it into Ruyu's hair, "Lady Wen, you seem to feel ill at ease. Don't worry. I'll intercede with my father for your brother. This butterfly-shaped hairpin made of gold and pearl doesn't go well with my clothes. I think it looks better on you. Please accept it as a gift, and don't be upset anymore."

Ruyu was dumbfounded as she raised her hand to touch the hairpin. She had seen the hairpin in Yun Shang's hair before and thought it was extremely beautiful. Ruyu was jealous, as Yun Shang, after all, was a princess, and had many precious jewelry and clothing. Ruyu felt delighted when Yun Shang gave her the hairpin as a gift. She was immersed in her happiness without thinking about why Yun Shang was suddenly so good to her.

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