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   Chapter 176 The Hidden Facts (Part Three)

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The servant was quite weak. He coughed for a long time before answering, "Your Majesty, Mister Wen has admired Princess Hua Jing since he was young. Aware of his position, Mister Wen never dared to tell Her Highness. Today, Mister Wen saw Princess Hua Jing in the garden and found that she was upset. He also noticed that Her Highness had hurt her hand with the rose thorn. Mister Wen was worried, so he followed Her Highness. Fearing that he might damage Her Highness's reputation, Mister Wen stopped at the gate. As he hesitated, he heard the Princess scream. So Mister Wen rushed in to see what had happened. What he saw was beyond his expectation. He saw......"

The servant coughed again and spit some blood. After a while, he continued. "Mister Wen saw Princess Hua Jing and the third Prince of the State of Yelang together. They were both lying on the ground. And the Prince had already... already lifted up Her Highness's dress. He had even taken off her underpants...... Mister Wen has admired the Princess for a long time. He thought the Prince of the State of Yelang was forcing Her Highness. So he rushed to protect her. The Prince of the State of Yelang is good at Kung Fu. He took out a dagger and swung it towards Mister Wen. I quickly covered Mister Wen with my body. I was stabbed by the Prince. But Mister Wen couldn't let go. He pulled out the dagger and swung it towards the Prince of the State of Yelang. The Prince wasn't expecting that, so he was unprepared. That is how Mister Wen stabbed the Prince."

Hearing the servant's words, Hua Jing lost all her strength. She trembled and glared at the servant with a murderous look. If allowed, she would definitely kill the servant and cut him into pieces. But there were so many people present. So Hua Jing didn't dare to do anything. She could only stay where she was and feel humiliated by how everyone was looking at her.

The servant wa

if she wanted. While the people were sympathetic to her circumstances, they did feel that it was improper for her to get pregnant.

But they didn't expect that the child belonged to the third Prince of the State of Yelang. Three months ago, the State of Ning was at war with the State of Yelang. In that case, Princess Hua Jing committed the crime of treason. No wonder she had tried so hard to bury the truth.

"How dare you interrupt me? Guards! Take He Numo out. Flog him with the rod fifty times." Emperor Ning was irritated by the man.

Everyone else lowered their heads to avoid the Emperor's wrath. But seeing the Emperor's reaction, they felt more convinced that He Numo had spoken the truth.

Just as He Numo was about to be dragged out, the third Prince of the State of Yelang stepped into the garden. Since he had recently been stabbed, he looked unwell. His waist was heavily gauzed. Blood was seeping from the gauze. But Prince Qingsu wasn't too weak to walk. He just walked more slowly than usual.

Hearing Emperor Ning order the flogging of his trusted minister, Prince Qingsu didn't overreact. He just raised his eyebrow and said, "Your Majesty is right. You should punish He Numo. Princess Hua Jing's reputation cannot be damaged by such smear."

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