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   Chapter 175 The Hidden Facts (Part Two)

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Yun Shang looked worried as she walked up to Hua Jing. She examined the wound and said, "Oh my! Sister, this is such a deep wound. Does it hurt?"

Hua Jing looked Yun Shang in the eyes, and saw that Yun Shang was deriving pleasure from her misery. So, she didn't say much, instead she retorted, "Hmm. No, it is just a small wound."

At Hua Jing's words, Yun Shang took the pink handkerchief from the madam and used it to put pressure on Hua Jing's wound. She said with concern, "Even if it is small, we should still not let it bleed. Father, I suggest that we stop the interrogation and call the imperial physician to bring some ointment for sister."

As she was talking, she turned to examine the handkerchief in her hand. As expected, the blood stain had become bigger. Yun Shang raised her eyebrows. She suspected the handkerchief was made of silk and must have good air permeability. It felt light when Yun Shang held it, but it had one problem, it was not so porous. As a member of the Royal family, Hua Jing would have ice served to her in her room on a hot day. There would also be someone holding an umbrella for her when she went out. So, whether her handkerchief was permeable or not wasn't important.

Hua Jing was surprised by Yun Shang's behavior. She figured out what Yun Shang was doing. Hua Jing quickly pulled back her hand, but it was too late. She looked at the handkerchief held by Yun Shang, and found her blood had spread through almost the entire handkerchief.

"What happened? Why is there so much blood? Why is the handkerchief completely red? Call the imperial physician here at once." Yun Shang shouted quickly, before Hua Jing could explain anything.

When Prince Qingsu was found injured, the imperial physician had been called. He was thus, close by. Hearing Yun Shang's call, the imperial physician was able to get to them quickly.

"Your Majesty."

Emperor Ning nodded and said to the imperial physician, "You don't need to bow to me. Go check the Princess's wound, and let us know if it's serious."

The imperial physician

soaked in blood. He was wearing a servant's suit of a steel-gray color. His face seemed bluish. He must have been in great pain for his face was sweating.

Once released by the soldiers, the servant mustered all his strength to prostrate himself. He said, "Your Majesty. I am Mister Wen Qingzhu's attendant. I have something to report, Your Majesty. There are untold facts about the accident that happened to the Prince of the State of Yelang. Please uphold justice......"

Before the servant could finish his sentence, Wen Qingzhu, who had been kneeling on the ground, suddenly jumped up and rushed to his servant. He bore a murderous look. But before Wen Qingzhu's hands reached the servant, he was stopped by the soldiers who were standing beside the servant.

The servant raised his head and looked at Wen Qingzhu. Teardrops fell from his eyes. He said, "Mister Wen, I know that you did it to defend the Wen Clan. But you're the only heir of your Clan. If anything happens to you, what are they going to do? You've always taught me to tell what's right from wrong. Mister Wen, why are you being silly this time?"

"You said that there were untold facts. Tell us, what has not been told?" Emperor Ning asked the servant in a steady tone. It was hard for others to tell whether he was mad or satisfied. But Yun Shang knew that the Emperor was about to lose his temper.

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