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   Chapter 174 The Hidden Facts (Part One)

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There was coldness in Emperor Ning's eyes when he looked at Hua Jing. "When I asked you to attend the Flower Show Banquet, you refused, saying that you were feeling unwell. You told me you would rather stay at the temporary imperial palace. No one saw you in the temporary imperial palace just now though. Where have you been?"

Emperor Ning's cold tone made Hua Jing shudder, and her face turned pale, "I... I heard that the flowers in the temporary imperial palace had blossomed beautifully, so, I went to see them."

"Really? Which garden did you visit to see the flowers?" Emperor Ning's tone lowered, and he turned away. He was unable to look at Hua Jing because he was disappointed that she had lain to him.

Hua Jing bit her lip and softly said, "The Butterfly Garden."

"Is that so?" When Emperor Ning finished questioning Hua Jing, he called out to his servant, "Bring the maids and guards from the Butterfly Garden here."

Hua Jing lowered her head. She kept very still, and didn't seem to know what to do. Emperor Ning looked at her before he turned to the Head of the Court of Justice, "What else would you like to know?"

The Head of the Court of Justice had worked for Emperor Ning for many years. He knew what the Emperor was implying by his question. According to how the Emperor had treated Hua Jing, it seemed that he was disappointed with her. Knowing that, the Head of the Court of Justice knew where his limits were. He was sure that the Emperor wouldn't be enraged by his question, so he asked Hua Jing, "Your Highness, I'd like to know if you really walked through this garden, and will the servants claim the same."

Hua Jing bit down harder on her lip as she shook her head, "Though it's true that I rest in this garden quite often, I haven't been here today. It makes me wonder who it was that made the claim about seeing me."

A eunuch walked out of the crowd and said timidly, "It was me. I swear that I saw Her Highness walk into the garden today. And I wasn't the only one who saw her. But I remember that she wasn't wearing this dress. She wore a peachy red dress."

"He is right. I

nd wouldn't be this big." When she stretched her arm out of her sleeve, she revealed a wound on her palm. Even though it was relatively small, it was larger than one that would be caused by a thorn.

Hua Jing looked at the cut on her palm and explained softly, "I got it sometime earlier. When I was enjoying the beauty of the flowers, I felt tired. So I sat on the bench. I took my hairpin out, and was admiring its design when I accidentally cut myself with the sharp edge. That's why Ya Yun wrapped my hand in the handkerchief. It stopped bleeding, but the wound is so deep that it has started to bleed again."

Yun Shang was having a hard time suppressing her laughter. Hua Jing was really something. She would go so far as to hurt herself on purpose to get what she wanted. Yun Shang knew some basics of surgical procedures due to Xiao Yuanshan's instructions. With just a quick glance, she could tell that Hua Jing's cut was fresh. Hua Jing had punctured herself just now. She must have hurt herself badly. Yun Shang sighed at Hua Jing's stupidity. Hua Jing was looking for sympathy from others, but she overdid it, thus revealing the flaw in her plans. Everyone could see that the blood stain on the brocade handkerchief was a small one. But Hua Jing's wound was so big that it must have bled a lot. If she really covered the wound with that handkerchief, then there would have been a much bigger blood stain.

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