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   Chapter 173 Who Is The Assassin (Part Three)

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The guard answered, "Yes. They were alone in the yard. There was no one else."

The Head of the Court of Justice turned to look at Wen Qingzhu. "Mister Wen, why did you stab the third Prince?"

All the guests looked at Wen Qingzhu. Wen Ruyu had recently said that her brother hadn't met Cangjue Qingsu before. Why had he stabbed Cangjue Qingsu? It would not be strange if Mr. Wen had stabbed Prince Qingsu because he bore a deep grudge against the Prince.

Wen Qingzhu sneered. "The State of Yelang makes war on us. The people living on the border live in an abyss of misery. Cangjue Qingsu is the supreme commander. As a native of the State of Ning, I should kill them all."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows. Wen Qingzhu was smart. He actually made such a good excuse.

The truth seemed to have been revealed. The State of Yelang and the State of Ning were enemies, so Wen Qingzhu stabbed the third Prince of the State of Yelang out of patriotism. In this case, Emperor Ning was trapped in a dilemma. If he didn't punish Wen Qingzhu, then the State of Yelang would certainly take the opportunity to launch an attack. But if he punished Wen Qingzhu, the people of the State of Ning would be irritated.

All the guests present in the yard had been working in the officialdom for many years, so they clearly knew the stakes involved. All of them lowered their heads and remained silent.

Yun Shang frowned and seemed to have some doubts. "Mister Xing, as a girl and a Princess, I know I

s here."

Soon a group of people entered and the small yard became more crowded.

"Did anyone see another person enter the yard?" The Head of the Court of Justice asked.

Each person stared speechless at the other. After a long time, someone said in a timid voice, "I just pruned the branches on the opposite side. I saw Princess Hua Jing enter the yard with her maid. Later, Mister Wen Qingzhu entered. But I didn't see the third Prince at all."

Some others chimed in with him, "Yes, I also saw that."

The Head of the Court of Justice didn't know what to do. After all, he had no right to call Princess Hua Jing.

Emperor Ning was sulky. "Where is Princess Hua Jing? Ask her to come here."

A guard left as ordered. After a long while, Hua Jing walked in with her maid. She prostrated before Emperor Ning. Thinking of what happened some time ago, she had a feeling of awe. She raised her head to look at Emperor Ning in reverence. "Father, what happened? Why did you ask me here?"

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