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   Chapter 172 Who Is The Assassin (Part Two)

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Yun Shang stood quietly. She knew that many people were watching her and had their own judgments. Yun Shang's eyes ran across the room. She saw that the Li Clan was surprised. Wen Ruyu looked blankly at Yun Shang, but Prince Jing was smiling.

Yun Shang turned back and saw that Emperor Ning was thoughtful. She smiled and walked to Emperor Ning, "Father, do you blame me for being too reckless? I am angry. Some people are clearly dogs, but they have run wild on the grassland for some time and have never been told that they are dogs from childhood, so they think they are wolves."

Emperor Ning smiled. Although he was amazed at what Yun Shang said, he was somewhat happy. His daughter wasn't weak, and no one could bully her. Moreover, she defended him, which made him happy.

"What you said is right."

Yun Shang turned her head, pretending that she didn't see the man's furious and murderous look. She looked at the two men kneeling on the floor and frowned. "Well, I seem to have met the assassin in black before. But I just can't remember where."

Prince Jing laughed. "You have indeed met him. We met him when we had an outing on the third of March this year. He is Wen Qingzhu."

Yun Shang was now enlightened. "Oh yes! I remember that. He is indeed Wen Qingzhu. He came with Wen Ruyu that day… But why did he hurt the Prince?"

Yun Shang looked at Wen Ruyu as if absorbed in thought. Lord Zheng had brought the chairs. Wen Ruyu was about to sit down when she heard Yun Shang mention her. Stunned, she looked i

njured in this yard. When the guard at the gate heard the scream and rushed in, he saw Wen Qingzhu holding a dagger which was still lodged in the body of the third Prince."

The Head of the Court of Justice looked serious. The third Prince of the State of Yelang was involved. If he made any mistake, it would most likely affect the diplomatic relations between the two states. At this thought, he asked Wen Qingzhu, "Wen Qingzhu, did you stab the third Prince of the State of Yelang? Do you admit your guilt?"

When asked, Wen Qingzhu seemed to regain his composure and looked at the Head of the Court of Justice. He replied, "Yes, I admit."

All the others burst into an uproar. Wen Ruyu looked at Wen Qingzhu in shock and disbelief.

"Where is the guard who found the third Prince and Mister Wen?" The Head of the Court of Justice asked. A guard stepped forward and knelt, "I found the third Prince and Mister Wen." The Head of the Court of Justice nodded. "Were they alone in the yard when you found them?"

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