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   Chapter 170 An Incident In The Temporary Imperial Palace (Part Three)

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Wen Ruyu didn't expect that Yun Shang would object in such a forceful manner. Yun Shang looked a bit like Prince Jing when she got angry. Wen Ruyu was worried because she realized that she had underestimated Yun Shang.

But if she couldn't guide the ladies to the place where the scream came from, how could she play a trick on Yun Shang? Wen Ruyu was anxious. Just as she was about to say something, Sun Ya'niang said gently, "Your Highness, you are the noblest. We will follow your orders."

Upon hearing what Sun Ya'niang said, Wen Ruyu didn't want to talk anymore.

As all the ladies were thinking about what happened outside, a cold voice said, "Shang'er, are you all right?"

Yun Shang knew it was Prince Jing. Yun Shang raised her eyebrows. 'Uncle is here now. Lady Wen's plot to scheme against Uncle must have failed.' Yun Shang felt relieved and said with a smile, "Uncle, I'm all right. All the ladies are here. The culprits should not attack us in the garden. So please, ask several bodyguards to guard the entrance of the garden lest some people get in."

The bodyguards gave a quick response and retreated.

Wen Ruyu was frightened. She didn't realize that the one who was speaking was Prince Jing. When she heard Yun Shang called him uncle, she was shocked.

How could Prince Jing be here now?

Wen Ruyu started to act like a cat on hot bricks. 'Prince Jing had worn the robe prepared by the Grand Councilor. The flowers all withered when Prince Jing held them. It meant that the robe did work. But what happened just now? Why did Prince Jing appear here? Judging from Prince Jing's voice, he hadn't been hurt.

But if Prince Jing didn't get hurt, why was there

ladies and said with a smile, "Don't be so nervous. The Emperor and Prince Jing will deal with the incident that happened outside. We are safe here. Idle speculation will make you more nervous. So let's play some games to distract our attention. I can't figure out any original games. How about each one of us says a line whose first character must be the last word of the line said by the former lady?

All the ladies came from rich and powerful families so they were all well-educated. They had read lots of poems. So the game was acceptable to them. They followed Yun Shang's advice and started to play the game.

A while later, Qian Yin came in. All the ladies hurriedly turned to look at Qian Yin. Qian Yin curtsied to Yun Shang before she said, "Your Highness, I have inquired about the incident. I heard that Prince Qingsu got hurt. But I don't know what happened exactly."

"Prince Qingsu?" Yun Shang frowned and said, "This Palace is well guarded. How did Prince Qingsu get hurt?"

Qian Yin paused for a while and said gently, "I heard that the incident is caused by a powerful man who is in the Palace now."

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