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   Chapter 169 An Incident In The Temporary Imperial Palace (Part Two)

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Wen Ruyu noticed the jealousy on the other ladies' faces. Wen Ruyu was arrogant so she cared nothing for the compliment given by Yun Shang. Moreover, she abhorred Yun Shang and she had made a plot to kill Yun Shang, but her elder sister had died because of the plot. So she smiled coldly and replied, "It's just a small trick. I, on behalf of the Imperial City, gave the performance. So it's natural that I did better than any other lady."

On hearing this, Yun Shang felt joyful but she didn't express her emotion. Yun Shang expected that Wen Ruyu would offend others once she opened her mouth.

Yun Shang smiled slightly and said, "I can't agree with you, Lady Wen. All these ladies are citizens of our state. They are all here on behalf of one part of our land. Why does it sound like you feel superior to them?"

Wen Ruyu frowned and snorted, "Some people are superior to others even though they all live in the Imperial City. In a vast land such as our state, there must be a social hierarchy. Some people are rich and noble while others are poor and despicable. The housemaids are always inferior to their masters. Don't you think so?"

Other ladies' admiration for Yun Shang grew after her statement. But Wen Ruyu infuriated them. One of the ladies said, "Lady Wen, you look like a lady from an eminent family. Has the Emperor conferred upon you an honorary title? Or are you a lady of high rank?"

Upon hearing this, Wen Ruyu became annoyed and said, "I don't think you know the law. According to the law, only concubines of the Emperor, relatives of the royal family, or ladies whose husbands have made great contributions to the state can be awarded with honorary titles. I am an unmarried girl. How could I gai

g nodded and ordered the imperial bodyguards to search for Prince Hua Jing.

At the same time, Qian Yin entered the garden and smiled at Yun Shang.

"Ah…" A scream came from the distance. All the people were shocked. Yun Shang said instantly, "All the bodyguards, move quickly. Find out what happened in the place from where the scream came. And some of you go to the front yard to protect the Emperor and other officers."

The commander of the bodyguards nodded and retreated. Wen Ruyu said gently, "Your Highness, did something happen? Let's go and see."

Yun Shang said coldly, "None of you are allowed to leave the garden. Just stay here. You are all ladies. If there are assassins, you are of little help. Instead, you will distract the bodyguards. It's the safest option for you to stay with me as I have shadow guards here."

On hearing Yun Shang's statement, the ladies nodded. They didn't know what had happened but they knew that they were safe as long as they stayed with Yun Shang. Yun Shang was the Emperor's beloved daughter and the fiancee of the famous Prince Jing. There must be lots of capable bodyguards around Yun Shang.

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