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   Chapter 168 An Incident In The Temporary Imperial Palace (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5932

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Prince Jing turned to look at Yun Shang who was standing by his side, and found Yun Shang had fixed her eyes upon the withered flower in his hand. Yun Shang looked as if she had expected that. Prince Jing understood that Yun Shang must have known why the flower in his hand suddenly withered, so he did not panic at all. He lifted his eyes and found traces of complacency in the Grand Councilor's eyes.

Prince Jing frowned and threw the flower on the ground. He said with an astonishingly cold look, "Brother, it seems that I shouldn't have touched the flower. The flower was too delicate. How could it be rated as the best flower in the Flower Show Festival? I think the best flower in our state should be enduring and stoical." After saying this, Prince Jing took the flower from Yun Shang. As soon as he held the flower, it also withered. Prince Jing swiveled around to look at Wen Ruyu and inquired, "Lady Wen, could you tell me why the two flowers withered when I held them? But when Shang'er held it, it was fine."

The Grand Councilor frowned slightly. He didn't expect that Prince Jing would take the flower which was held by Yun Shang. The Grand Councilor looked at Wen Ruyu who seemed shocked at Prince Jing's cold face and said, "I think the flowers prefer beautiful ladies to men." While speaking, the Grand Councilor walked up to Prince Jing and picked up the flower on the ground. He said, "What a pity! Such a wonderful flower is rare to see."

At the same time, the Grand Councilor noticed an odd smell radiating from Yun Shang and Prince Jing. So he fixed his eyes upon them.

"Just now the flowers exhibited by Lady Wen were glamorous. Though the flowers withered, we can still give a fair judgement of their beauty. Later, a stage will be set here and

. Finally, it rained. You brought good fortune to the masses."

On hearing this, Yun Shang smiled and covered her mouth before saying, "I haven't heard of such a legend. You see, I'm just an ordinary person and I have no advantages. Judging from your performances, I think you are all talented and outstanding."

The ladies were elated at Yun Shang's words. Many of them had participated to attract the Emperor's attention. The Princess was the Emperor's favorite daughter. If the Princess mentioned one of the ladies before the Emperor, the Emperor would offer great rewards.

All the ladies knew that. Therefore, a lady hastened to inquire, "Your Highness, which performance did you like the most?"

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and looked at Wen Ruyu with admiration, "Just now Lady Wen conjured two flowers. Her performance was refreshing. My father spoke highly of Lady Wen. He said that Lady Wen was more beautiful than the flowers."

On hearing this, the other ladies turned to stare at Wen Ruyu with strong resentment. The flowers conjured by Wen Ruyu were rather ordinary. The highlight of her performance had been the conjuring. But the Emperor had praised her.

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