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   Chapter 166 The Withered Flower (Part One)

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After being interrupted by Prince Jing, Yun Shang thought for a long time about what she was about to say, but she failed. With a sigh, she decided not to speak to Prince Jing again, but heard him say, "Your grandfather wrote me that he would come to the Imperial City tomorrow."

Yun Shang was surprised at the news and hastily asked, "Really? My mother is going to give birth soon. Why is my grandfather coming to the Imperial City at this time?"

"What?" The corners of Prince Jing's mouth turned up. "Mr. Xiao is coming to the Imperial City? Why don't I know?"

"..." Seeing the slyness in Prince Jing's eyes, Yun Shang gnashed her teeth in silence. 'You fooled me.' A flash of helplessness crossed her face. It never occurred to her that the fearsome, chilly, and revered war hero could be so mischievous. She, though fooled by him, had a sweet and sour feeling. 'He seems to be doing this only to me.' Yun Shang thought.

But the moment this thought arose, she suppressed it. 'How can I think about that when there are so many worries these days?' She warned herself.

Yun Shang kept her head down and walked silently. Upon arriving at Qingxin Palace, she went into the inner Hall without entertaining Prince Jing. Qin Yi immediately helped Yun Shang change into a light yellow dress. Looking at herself in the bronze mirror, Yun Shang frowned, and asked, "Isn't this color for little girls?"

Qin Yi looked at her with a smile. "Your Highness, aren't you a fifteen year old girl?"

Yun Shang was speechless and embarrassment flitted across her face. With memories of her previous life, she had always thought she was no longer that young, and had forgotten that she was only fifteen now.

As Yun Shang stepped out, Prince Jing looked at her with appreciation. A flush spread across her face. She was somewhat regretful for not insisting on changing the dress.

Prince Jing seemed aware of Yun Shang's embarrassment. He rose to his feet with a smile and said to her, "Let's go. There's probably a lot going on today."

Yun Shang nodded and followed Prince Jing with her head bowed. At this point, Prince Jing spoke, with his usual cool tone, "I've sent someone to check the venue for the Flower Show Banquet. If there is anything strange, we can make preparations."

Hearing this, Yun Shang was a little calmer. She nodded and said, "Li Jingyan definitely has an ulterior motive. He knows we are on guard. If anything happens to us at the Flower Show Banquet, he will be the primary suspect. After all, everyone knows you're not on good terms with him. Then why would he take such a risk?"

Prince Jing thought about it for a while before he answered coldly, "Maybe

ber, he saw Lord Hua Guo standing with his back to the door, as if looking at something. He was staring at a picture of a hundred horses. Prince Jing had drawn it when he was free. The chamberlain had said that it looked good as it matched his identity as a revered war hero before hanging it in the antechamber.

Lord Hua Guo seemed to hear footsteps and turned round. Seeing his face, Prince Jing was shocked, 'Why is there a hint of emotion in Lord Hua Guo's eyes?'

However, in the blink of an eye, Prince Jing found that he had hidden his emotions. He looked at Prince Jing with a smile and greeted, "You're back, Your Highness."

Prince Jing gave him a nod before sitting. "I didn't know you would visit, Lord Hua Guo. Please forgive me. I'm afraid I have been a poor host, " Prince Jing said to him.

Lord Hua Guo shook his head and replied, "It's all because I didn't tell you in advance. I didn't expect that you wouldn't be home."

"Is there anything important that you wanted to see me about?" Prince Jing turned his head towards Lord Hua Guo, who was already seated.

Lord Hua Guo's eyes fell on Prince Jing and mixed emotions reflected in them for a few minutes before he smiled and answered, "No, there isn't. My son is disappointing and has been repeatedly defeated by you, and he told me about your tactics, which I admire. When I was young, I loved fighting as well, but now I'm too sick to go to war. It upsets me terribly. You are so young but so forceful that I developed the idea of cherishing talents, so I came to visit you on purpose."

Prince Jing didn't quite believe him. However heroic he may be, he was once an enemy of the State of Xia. It was possible that they appreciated each other, but his special visit for this reason was somewhat artificial.

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