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   Chapter 164 Flower Show Guide (Part Two)

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The next day when Yun Shang went to see the Empress to pay her respects, she saw Princess Hua Jing. Hua Jing had changed a lot. Perhaps the scandal was quite a shock to her. She had lost weight and seemed to be more pitiable. She stood beside the Empress and looked scared. Hua Jing also spoke in a lower voice as though she would cry at any time. She even greeted Yun Shang politely and called her sister.

Yun Shang saw this and raised her eyebrows. She stepped forward, grabbed Hua Jing's hands and sighed before saying to her, "You have lost some weight due to your illness. You've suffered so much. Did your servants at the Princess Palace fail at taking good care of you? I feel sorry for you. Can you move in the Imperial Palace so as to recuperate? The Empress has been missing you. She also looks a bit emaciated. After you move in, you can accompany the Empress and talk to her."

Hearing those words, the Empress nodded and said, "Shang'er is right. I will plead with the Emperor and ask him to allow Hua Jing to stay at the Palace for a couple of days."

At that moment, the voice of Emperor Ning was heard. "I have heard your request. Such being the case, Hua Jing can live at the Palace. The Flower Show Banquet is nearing. Hua Jing hasn't attended such a party in a long time. However, she must be taught the proper rules and etiquette."

All people hurried to greet the Emperor as per formal etiquette.

Hua Jing heard the Emperor's words and hatred flashed in her eyes. After a moment, she gritted her teeth and curtsied to her father, "Thank you, father. I will not disobey you and make mistakes again. I will study hard."

Yun Shang saw the hatred in Hua Jing's eye and she actually felt relieved. She had thought Hua Jing might behave herself after the scandal. However, she just pretended to be good and kind, which was fine with Yun Shang.

Emperor Ning took

ed every day. Although I still feel weak, I don't have other symptoms of my old illness. Besides, I haven't visited Wu Na at Ning'guo Temple in a long time. But I will never forget his kindness and love toward me. After the Flower Show Banquet ends, I will visit him and live at the temporary imperial palace in Laifeng for a while. My mother is almost ready to give birth, and I want to be the first lucky person to see my little brother or sister."

Hearing these words, Emperor Ning seemed to miss Lady Jin, and his concern was obvious when he spoke. "Master Wu Na has always treated you nicely and kindly. You really know what gratefulness is. I'm relieved to see that. However, you won't be the first one to meet your little sister or brother. I won't allow it. After these envoys are gone, I will rush to the temporary imperial palace and be the first to see your mother and my child."

Yun Shang couldn't help laughing at the childishness in Emperor Ning's words. When her glance fell over the people present, she saw the false smile of the Empress who seemed angry and listless. Hua Jing had lowered her head and clenched her fists. As for other ladies, some were indifferent, while others were obviously jealous. They had all kinds of expressions.

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