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   Chapter 163 Flower Show Guide (Part One)

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"My mother is annoying. Somebody will surely marry me one day. If I can't find a husband, she still doesn't need to worry right now. Those men she recommends are sons from rich and powerful families. They are so weak that they wouldn't be able to stand a breeze. I've had enough." Wang Jinyan moaned before adding, "Do you know my mother's three favorites? They are Ning Ye from Prince Shun Qing's Mansion, Li Zhiyan from Li Mansion, and Liu Qiyan, the Zhuangyuan."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and smiled at Wang Jinyan before she said, "They are good choices. Ning Ye and Li Zhiyan are pampered sons of wealthy families and they share one common point. They are sons born of the first and legal wife, although they aren't the oldest sons. It can be seen that Lady Wang cares about you very much. If you marry one of them, you will live comfortably. Sons born of the first and legal wife are much better off than the others. Most importantly, you don't need to manage domestic affairs, which is lucky for you. As for Liu Qiyan, the Zhuangyuan, his sister is Lady Ya who is loved by the Emperor. Thus, he has a bright future awaiting him. Besides, he's an orphan. If you marry him, you don't need to look after your parents-in-law, which will certainly reduce your burdens."

The corners of Wang Jinyan's mouth twisted. Lying on the chaise lounge, she sighed heavily, "I know my mother is doing all this for me. However, I don't like them. For example, Ning Ye has too many female confidants, and is now entangled with the most beautiful woman, Qian Qian. Everybody knows that Li Zhiyan looks down upon military officers, which makes him as stupid as Grand Councilor Li. I don't like him. As for Liu Qiyan. I have never met him. If he is the Zhuangyuan, a pedant he must be."

Yun Shang couldn't help smiling. These three men were the most eligible bachelors in the Imperial City. However, Wang Jinyan belittled them as if they were insignificant.

Wang Jinyan paused for a moment and contin

ed wisdom. He was big and tall, but had no insight.

Compared with Xia Houjing, they had immeasurably vast differences.

The primary selection for the Flower Show Festival had been done, and it was time for the Flower Show Banquet. Yun Shang pleaded with Emperor Ning with the hope of lifting the ban on Hua Jing, thus allowing her to walk around. Although Emperor Ning had his doubts, he didn't refuse Yun Shang. Perhaps the Emperor knew that without Hua Jing, Yun Shang's scheme wouldn't succeed. Envoys from the State of Xia and the State of Yelang had come to the State of Ning to discuss marriage. However, although the two Princesses in the State of Ning were unmarried and old enough, those envoys didn't dare to covet Prince Jing's fiancee. Thus, Princess Hua Jing was their only choice. She had been married before and had been involved in a scandal not long ago. But it didn't matter. She was still the oldest daughter of the Empress. Besides, her grandfather was regarded as the head of officials of all ranks and descriptions.

The ban upon Hua Jing was lifted three days before the opening of the Flower Show Banquet. Although it was declared that she had recovered her health, the scandal on the day of the hunting competition was well known. Outsiders understood this matter and chose not to say so in public.

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