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   Chapter 162 The Return Of The Empress (Part Three)

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Prince Jing asked Yun Shang to order some dishes, and then he added a few more. Wang Shunlai took the teacup that the Prince always carried with him, and went downstairs to make tea. A while later, Wang Shunlai returned. After putting the teacup on the table, Wang Shunlai whispered to the Prince, "Your Highness, I saw Xia Houjing of the State of Xia just now. It seems he is entertaining guests here. Some people at the banquet looked familiar. I once saw pictures of the Xia officers. One of them must be Lord Hua Guo of Xia."

Prince Jing raised his brows a little, "Oh?"

Yun Shang learned some information about the officers from the State of Xia, and knew something about Lord Hua Guo, too. He was quite influential in the court of Xia as many of his ancestors had been generals in the history of Xia. The Hua family had made tremendous contributions to Xia. Lord Hua Guo had a daughter, Hua Yi, the late Empress of the State of Xia. About two decades ago, the State of Xia was at war with the State of Yelang. The Emperor of Xia led the army to the battlefield in person, and brought the Empress with him as well. However, the Xia army was ambushed by Yelang soldiers, and the pregnant Empress was forced to jump from a cliff. Only a bloody head reminded when the Emperor of Xia found her, and there were many animal bite marks on her head.

The Emperor of Xia was so grieved that his hair turned white overnight. Lord Hua Guo also suffered after news of his daughter's death. He became ill. Although his illness was not so serious as to threaten his life, he could no longer lead an army and fight on the battlefield again. Although the younger generals from the Hua clan were also good fighters, they were not as good as Lord Hua Guo. Without the support of Lord Hua Guo, the Hua family gradually lost its glory as a military clan.

But... Yun Shang lifted her eyes to look at Prince Jing and saw a trace of confusion in his eyes. The Prince must also feel puzzled about Lord Hua Guo's

Ning's approval for this marriage."

Prince Jing raised his brows a little when he heard Lord Hua Guo's explanation. He said with a smile, "It is said that the Crown Prince of Xia is a noble, handsome young man. It would be lucky for a girl to marry your Crown Prince." Prince Jing's smile was so superficial that a trace of contempt could be seen in his eyes.

Lord Hua Guo nodded and grinned at the Prince, "I didn't inform Emperor Ning of my arrival. I should have paid Emperor Ning a visit as soon as I arrived at the Imperial City. But I am old and quite weak. It took us half a month from Xia to here. I am very tired from the long journey. Prince Jing, please extend my apology to Emperor Ning for me. And please tell Emperor Ning that I will pay a formal visit to him in a couple of days."

Prince Jing uttered a "yes" in response. Then Xia Houjing and Lord Hua Guo left. Prince Jing and Yun Shang waited until Xia Houjing and Lord Hua Guo disappeared from view. Then they went downstairs, and mounted the carriage.

"Lord Hua Guo wouldn't come here for a trivial matter such as the marriage of their Crown Prince. He must come here for something more important." Prince Jing murmured with a frown.

Yun Shang nodded and sighed, "What an interesting place the Imperial City is with so many interesting people..."

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