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   Chapter 161 The Return Of The Empress (Part Two)

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But at Qiwu Palace, the Empress felt puzzled at Yun Shang's behavior. She rubbed her forehead and let out a sigh. Yun Shang seemed to have grown more calm and she seemed to have a more elusive mind. Sometimes, it was difficult for her to guess Yun Shang's true intentions.

"Your Majesty, please take the medicine." An old maid entered with a bowl of medicine in her hand. The Empress stared at the bowl for a while. A bitter smile emerged on her lips. "Take it away. I don't want to drink it. What is the use of taking it..."

The old maid frowned and said hesitantly, "Your Majesty, this is the medicine prescribed by the physician sent by the Grand Councilor. It is said that it is very effective. Your Majesty, please listen to me. His Majesty's love is all but vanity. New ladies come into the Imperial Palace each year. His Majesty's love is the last thing in the world that you can rely on. It is your own child that will be your firm support..."

"Child..." the Empress murmured to herself. After a while, she burst into a fit of laughter. But tears ran down her face. "What's the use of having a child? Jing'er is my daughter. But I cannot protect her."

The old maid intended to interrupt the Empress when she heard the Empress speak so. But the Empress seemed so grieved that the old maid checked herself and only sighed, "Your Majesty, you are so young. You have a long way to go..."

The Empress smiled and took the bowl. She downed it in one gulp. Then she said, "Yes. I'm still young. The one who laughs last, laughs best. Let's wait and see who is the winner in the end."

The Empress seemed to have no intention of running the imperial household again, though she had begun to meet with the ladies in the imperial household. Yun Shang looked at the beautiful flowers in the garden, and said with a smile, "The Empress was forced to hand over her seal in a humiliating way. If His Majesty doesn't plead with her in person to take the responsibility, how will it be possible for her to regain her dignity as the Empress?"

Two days later, Yun Shang heard that Grand Councilor Li had come to the Palace and had spent a long time with Emperor Ning in Qinzheng H

t because I want to protect those that I love and care. I want them to live in peace. As for the future, I will face problems when they come. I have always thought that the Imperial Palace is not a place suitable for women like my mother."

Prince Jing felt touched by Yun Shang's words. While staring at Yun Shang, he suppressed the impulse to ask her if she was one of the women she spoke so passionately about. 'Do you have such a wish as well? Will you leave me if I cannot make you such a promise?'

However, he dared not ask Yun Shang though those questions kept looping in his mind. He could not give her that promise. As she said, no one knows what would happen in the future.

"It's here." Prince Jing uttered gently before raising the door curtain of the carriage. He stepped down first. Then he stretched his hands and helped Yun Shang to climb down from the carriage.

"Oh my! It's you, Prince Jing. I have prepared a nice compartment for you. Please, follow me upstairs." The shopkeeper, who was busy receiving customers, noticed the Prince as soon as he set foot in the restaurant. He scurried toward the Prince to welcome him with due respect.

Prince Jing nodded at him, and then led Yun Shang upstairs. Their compartment was the best one on the second floor. From the window, the famous Moon Bay could be seen. As this was prime time for willow trees along the river, the scent of willow could be smelled when there was a breeze.

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