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   Chapter 160 The Return Of The Empress (Part One)

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Qian Yin said as she trembled, "The women in the Imperial Palace are so terrible. They were siblings. But the rivalry between them was so harsh that they even plotted against each other."

Yun Shang grinned at Qian Yin's words. However, she could not help but feel a little depressed. "Maybe life is too lonely in the Palace. The ladies cannot find better ways to entertain themselves than rivaling with each other."

Lady Ming woke up in a couple of days. But she had been paralyzed by a stroke. Lady Ming, who had been beautiful and dignified, had lost the ability to speak as her mouth and tongue were deformed.

Since Lady Ming was seriously sick, no one was in charge of the imperial household. In the imperial household, only ladies with a high ranking could be entrusted with the responsibility of running the imperial household. As the Empress had shut herself in her Palace, Lady Jin was the only other person qualified to assume the duty. However, it was impossible for Lady Jin to take this responsibility now, as she was staying in Laifeng City due to her pregnancy. She would not return to the Imperial City before the delivery.

"Your Highness, don't you think it was too early to set Lady Ming up? What should we do now? Since Lady Jin is far away from the Imperial City, I'm afraid His Majesty would ask the Empress to run the imperial household again. The Empress would be happy if that happens." Qian Yin had no patience to hold back anything that crossed her mind. She had spotted the undercurrents of the seemingly peaceful life in the Imperial Palace. "I saw many ladies going to Qiwu Palace to pay the Empress a visit."

But Yun Shang still retained a calm smile. She said while staring at the eight-facet glazed lamp at the far end, "Of course, she needs to run the imperial household again. If she keeps herself isolated in Qiwu Palace, how can I plot against her?"

Qian Yin grew agitated while thinking of the return of the Empress. Qian Yin was very straightforward. Though she was more patient after the training by Ning Qian, she was, after all, still a child.

"I want to kill her, " muttered Qian Yin. Yun Shang raised her brows a little when she he

ughter suffer. The Flower Show Banquet will be held in a couple of days. Then, I will plead with His Majesty to allow sister to attend the banquet. Sister is physically impaired. It will do her good if she can take a walk outside."

The Empress was surprised at Yun Shang's words. She looked into Yun Shang's eyes and tried to read any subtexts behind those words. But Yun Shang smiled calmly. Her smile was so innocent and her gaze so earnest that no one could doubt that she really meant what she had said. After a long silence the Empress said, "That would be nice of you. Thank you."

"Your Majesty, you are so polite. Gratitude is unnecessary. Hua Jing is my sister after all."

After talking with the Empress for a while, Yun Shang left Qiwu Palace.

"Your Highness, I noticed there were several strangers in the Empress's Palace. Two of them seemed to be good at Kung Fu..." Qian Yin said gently.

Yun Shang was clear what Qian Yin meant. Yun Shang paused and said softly, "We have eliminated the people whom the Empress trusted the most. As the Empress, she will have some new trustful subordinates. But she would not have enough time to take precautions as we took actions so quickly. So, those strangers must be the people recently sent by the Li Clan to work for the Empress. You know, it usually takes several years to train a loyal subordinate. So don't worry about the strangers. Just keep an eye on them."

Qian Yin nodded in response.

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