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   Chapter 159 The Haunted Changchun Palace

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"It's ridiculous. There are no ghosts in this world. It's nonsense. I will order an investigation into the whereabouts of the two madams. Don't worry." Lady Ming frowned and said coldly.

Yun Shang nodded. "Thank you, Your Highness."

Lady Ming gazed at Yun Shang and said, "Shang'er, you will get married soon. As you just said, the servants in your palace are too young. It occurs to me that there has been no madam to enlighten you because you left the Imperial City early. However, now that you live here and will be married soon, you need a madam as your tutor. Other than Madam Yu, I also have Madam Li and Madam Xu working for me. Both of them are capable. You can take them back to your palace. They will teach you what to do as Prince Jing's wife."

Yun Shang sneered and thought, 'What a dirty trick. Now Lady Ming wants to plant her trusted subordinates in my palace. And she finds such a high-sounding excuse that I can hardly refuse her.'

"Your Highness, it's very thoughtful of you. But you have only three madams. If I take away two, I am afraid that you won't have enough help. You run the imperial household now, so you must need a lot of help." Yun Shang smiled and stared at Lady Ming steely-eyed.

She was definitely not a coward.

"Moreover, before my mother went to Laifeng Palace, she once talked with His Majesty about this. His Majesty said that after my mother gives birth, he would ask Madam Yan and Madam Zheng to teach me. Madam Yan used to be His Majesty's wet nurse, and my mother trusts Madam Zheng. Surely, the madams that you trust are equally outstanding. It's difficult for me to make a choice. Well, I will just have to refuse His Majesty's offer and tell him that you have made arrangements for me." Yun Shang frowned and pretended to be worried.

Lady Ming frowned in resentment. She didn't know that Emperor Ning had already arranged all this.

"Madam Yan? If I remember correctly, she left the Imperial

fter Li Fuyi stepped out of Qingxin Palace, the look on Yun Shang's face hardened. She smiled faintly, "Lady Ming has already come around, right?"

Qian Yin replied in a low voice, "Yes."

Yun Shang sneered and said coldly, "Since she has come around, give her a blow tonight. Ask Ning Qian to inquire about how Lady Geng died."

Qian Yin nodded and left.

That night, all the people in Changchun Palace were thrown into a panic. It was said that many servants saw a white figure standing outside the window of Lady Ming's sleeping chamber. The figure said, "You are powerful now, but I feel very lonely in hell."

Then, the window of the sleeping chamber was blown open by the wind. After the servants calmed down, they found a sachet beside Lady Ming's pillow. It contained a lock of hair.

At the sight of the sachet, Lady Ming trembled with fear. After she took out the hair, she twitched and frothed at the mouth before passing out.

While listening to the report by Qian Yin, Yun Shang reached for a nut and smiled. "How smart Lady Ming was. The sachet was originally a token of love between His Majesty and Lady Geng. When the two got married, His Majesty cut his hair and sent it to Lady Geng as a token. Lady Geng always carried it with her. It seems that Lady Ming tampered with it."

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