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   Chapter 158 The Disappeared Madams (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5380

Updated: 2018-09-30 00:14

Yun Shang turned and took the offerings from Qin Yi's hand. Madam Yu hurriedly took it, and handed the syrup to Lady Ming.

Lady Ming glanced at the bowl, and waved it away. Yun Shang smiled. She turned to Lady Fu, "I didn't think I would meet you in Changchun Palace, Lady Fu. Are you transcribing Buddhist texts?"

Lady Fu flashed a smile. She put the brush aside and turned to Yun Shang, "Yes, I am. I have very little interest in boisterous circumstances. Fortunately, Her Highness pities me, and shelters me in her palace."

Hearing these words, Yun Shang returned the smile. She wanted to ask about the Empress's physical conditions, but before she could say anything, Lady Ming cut in, "It's been said that you stayed overnight in Prince Jing's mansion during his birthday party."

Yun Shang was a little surprised. She nodded to Lady Ming.

"Indeed, you're engaged to the Prince now, but you're still unmarried. You should pay attention to your reputation. I wish you would meet Prince Jing less in the future." Said Lady Ming primly, almost like a strict elder.

Yun Shang hurriedly curtsied to her, "I will, Your Highness."

"What has brought you here? Just bringing the plum syrup to me?" Lady Ming shot a cold and piercing gaze at Yun Shang.

Yun Shang thought for a while before she answered, "I have something to report, Your Highness. It's a small matter, and I'm not sure whether I should bother you with it. But Your Highness is in charge of the Palace, and should be informed of everything that happens here. When I went back to my palace yesterday, I was informed that two madams

gs. They muttered something that sounded like they didn't intend to harm Her Highness, and wished Her Highness would not haunt them... Then the maids saw a wisp of mist flutter and swing. It slowly grew and changed into a figure... along with flickering green lights..."

Lady Ming turned pale at her words. Her lips trembled, and she couldn't manage to speak. Yun Shang sneered to herself, but pretended to be frightened. She spoke, "The maids ran back to Qingxin Palace, terrified. And the two madams never appeared again."

Frowning, Yun Shang added, "In the Palace, the servants are not allowed to worship the dead. This is a rule that the two madams failed to abide by. It's all my fault, so I didn't dare to report my neglect. The other day, when the maids reported that the two madams had disappeared, I sent people to search the Bamboo grove. They found all the things the maids had reported seeing. They also saw that the ashes were stained with blood...I felt all this very scary and strange, so I decided to report the whole matter to you, Your Highness..."

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