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   Chapter 155 Returning To The Palace; The Encounter With Prince Houjing (Part One)

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Yun Shang didn't expect to encounter Xia Houjing on her way back to the Palace. In the carriage, Yun Shang thought on how she had been abducted when she was out of the Palace, and due to safety reasons, it would be some time before she would leave the Palace. Even though nothing happened this time, she needed to be prudent and cherish her life.

If she couldn't come out very often, she wouldn't have much chance to taste the Osmanthus Cake at the Yuman Tower. Thinking about the dessert, she raised her head to look at Prince Jing sitting across from her. Prince Jing was worried about her, so he was escorting her.

"What's the matter?" Feeling Yun Shang staring at him, Prince Jing looked up and asked.

Yun Shang bit her lip and shook her head. Then she looked at Prince Jing and coughed, "I have a sudden craving for some Osmanthus cake from the Yuman Tower."

Prince Jing was surprised, but then he realized what she meant. Prince Jing looked at Yun Shang smiling. He called out to the coachman, "Let's go to the Yuman Tower."

There was a long line outside the Yuman Tower. Yun Shang sat in the carriage with Prince Jing. She lifted the curtain to look at the line. Prince Jing sent the coachman to wait in the line for the Osmanthus cake.

"Well......" Yun Shang said in a low voice noticing something unusual. Prince Jing looked up.

Yun Shang turned to Prince Jing and whispered, "I think I see Xia Houjing."

Xia Houjing wasn't a man of appealing appearance. At least in Yun Shang's eyes, even Prince Qingsu looked much better. Not to mention Prince Jing, who was the most handsome among them. To most of the girls in the State of Ning, Prince Jing was the man of their dreams. It was not only because of his countless victories in warfare or his royal position. It was also his dashing good looks, and honestly, a man as charming as Prince Jing was rare.

Prince Jing sat closer to Yun Shang. He looked outside the window, too. It was narrow in the carriage, so Prince Jing's breath almost reached Yun Shang's face. Yun Shang froze, blushed. She stopped looking out the window, lowering her head and sat up straighter.

Prince Jing seemed to not notice Yun Shang's reaction. He turned away from the window frowning, "I seem to recall that Prince Houjing said this morning that he was ill. I was led to believe he wasn't able to get out of bed. Why is he here? Is he meeting someone?"

Yun Shang was still feeling awkward at how close he was to her, so she wasn't paying close attention to Prince Jing's words. It took her a a few minutes to focus, "Erm, " Yun Shang acted absent-minded, "Should I go and have a look? I have people who work for me in the Yuman Tower. I can find out which room Xia Houjing went in and whether there was someone else with him."

Prince Jing considered it a moment before responding, "


Xia Houjing was surprised how innocent Yun Shang appeared. He looked at the golden cake in Yun Shang's hand saying, "Thank you, but I've just had some inside, and I found them quite tasty. They are moderately sweet."

Hearing him compliment the Osmanthus cake, Yun Shang smiled with great joy. She turned to Prince Jing and said, "I told you that the cake is loved by many people, and you didn't believe me. I guess you're the only one who doesn't like it."

Prince Jing smiled and touched Yun Shang's hair. "It's too sweet. I don't like it. If you really like it, I'll send Ji to buy you more. You can store some in the Palace."

Ji was the coachman's name.

Yun Shang nodded and her eyes sparkled brilliantly. Xia Houjing was surprised at the beauty of her eyes.

"Well, sounds like Prince Jing has more business to attend. I'll leave you to it then and not bother you further." Xia Houjing implied he was leaving, but he didn't move. He just smiled at the two people in the carriage.

Then Prince Jing turned to look at Xia Houjing. He extended his hand to hold Yun Shang's empty hand, and leaning closer to the wall complimented him, "I've heard a lot about how talented you are, Prince Houjing. I have hoped to have the chance to find out how talented you are, but haven't had the chance to due to your poor health conditions. Hope we can have more chats in the future. Just you and me."

Xia Houjing raised his brow, "Prince Jing, you give me too much praise. I've just arrived here and still have trouble with the local conditions. But over the past few days of being here, I've adjusted myself, and I am feeling much better. I heard there would be an annual flower show banquet at the Imperial City soon. I am quite interested and will be there. We can meet then if you wish, or if Your Highness prefers, you can find me at the inn where I live. It's not far from here."

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