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   Chapter 154 Evil As A Viper (Part Two)

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Nevertheless, the two servants knelt down, devastated. "We are done. We are so done..."

Wen Ruyu frowned unpleasantly. Done? Were they cursing her? Wen Ruyu was irritated, and she gave them a hard kick. Unexpectedly, they didn't back away at all. She was even angrier, "Useless." She walked into the room.

There was a foul smell permeating the air, mixed with other weird scents that were beyond description. Wen Ruyu frowned looking over at the haystack.

The scene left Wen Ruyu petrified, and the color drained from her face as she stood staring at three naked forms on the haystack. The woman was laying between the two men, her face looked painful, and was covered in blood. Her head was hanging on the ground. It took Wen Ruyu a long time to come to her senses and stop gawking. "No, no...This is impossible. This isn't possible!" She muttered to herself. Then she ran to the haystack, paying no attention to the naked men or the unmentionable marks on their body. Wen Ruyu touched the woman's face, and she went even paler. What was going on? How?

One of the servants outside the door ran from the yard screaming, in a blind panic, "Lady Ruxin, It's Lady Ruxin, Lady Ruxin was dead... It was Lady Ruxin..."

Wen Ruyu tried to stop him but couldn't. He had ran out of the yard.

Wen Ruyu was trembling. How did this happen? It should be Yun Shang, not her sister laying there now... She was doomed. Wen Clan was doomed.

The servant must've made a scene, with long strides, Wen Yunqing, grim-faced, was headed through side yard. A few concubines were following him, and behind the crowd was Wen Yunqiunq's mother, Lady Wen.

Wen Ruyu was petrified. 'No, I can't let them see this.' She decided and closed the door promptly locking it.

"Ruyu, open the door!" Wen Yunqing ordered from the other side. Wen Ruyu shivered shaking her head, "No. I can't. I can't open the door now."

Wen Yunqing became impatient immediately, and commanded, "Break it down, now!"

Hearing the slamming and seeing the door shudder, Wen Ruyu huddled up in a ball in the corner, shaking with panic and fright.

With a crack, the door split and part fell to the ground. Wen Yunqing walked in with others and when they saw the woman on the haystack, they al

lease, father."

Wen Yunqing calmed down and mulled her words over before he agreed, "Remember what you promise today. If you bring any trouble to Wen Mansion, I won't hesitate to end my daughter's life."

Wen Ruyu shuddered fearfully, but nodded.

On her way out, she turned and looked at the bodies on the haystack, in an emotionless way. As her panic faded, Wen Ruyu clenched her teeth and calmly left the side yard. A closer look at her would reveal that her legs were quivering slightly.

Once more, the drama was witnessed in full by Prince Jing and Yun Shang. Yun Shang smiled faintly, "I didn't know that she could be so brazen. It's said that women can lose all their humanity in desperate situations. I don't doubt it now."

She turned to Prince Jing, "Uncle, I have been away for many days, I think I'd better return to the Imperial Palace tomorrow. I heard the annual Flower Show Festival is approaching..."

The Flower Show Festival, was precisely what its name implied, all about flowers. As the festival gained popularity, it also became a chance for beautiful ladies to showcase themselves. Emperor Ning had two daughters, but there was no heir yet. His Majesty may choose several beautiful women during the festival, to take as his concubines...

Prince Jing nodded, slightly disappointed that Yun Shang was leaving, "Alright. I heard that Prince Houjing has agreed to attend the Flower Show Banquet." Prince Houjing, Xia Houjing, was the seventh prince of the State of Xia.

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