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   Chapter 153 Evil As A Viper (Part One)

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When Wen Ruyu saw the deep scars bleeding on Yun Shang's face, she jeered. "You look pretty. Are you going to seduce men looking like that? Oh, you didn't think this was the end, did you?" Wen Ruyu clapped her hands and two men walked in. They wore rags, and seemed to be beggars from the street.

"This woman is yours now. Give her an unforgettable night... Ha-ha..." Then she turned and stepped aside.

The two beggars who were just pulled off the street, looked at each other speechless. The lady told them they would get two taels of silver once they finished the task she gave them. Two taels would cover their living costs for almost six months, so they didn't hesitate.

However, they didn't expect to find the task so satisfying. Although the woman on the bed had a face that was mutilated, her figure was quite enticing.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Do it now. If you don't, you will not get the money. However, if your performance satisfies me, I can give you each 5 taels of silver." Ruyu looked at them coldly.

Hearing that the reward was doubled, the beggars exchanged a look and without hesitation, jumped onto the haystack. They tore the woman's clothes to shreds, threw them away, and covered her with their bodies.

"Ha-ha ha-ha..." Wen Ruyu walked out, laughing loudly.

She didn't know everything was witnessed by the couple hiding on the roof. Yun Shang, had a stern look, and was being held by her wrist. The man next to her was Prince Jing, who had a severe look as well. Yun Shang stopped gnashing her teeth and smiling said, "I'm fine."

Just now, seeing Wen Ruyu cut that woman with a sword, Yun Shang almost rushed in to kill Wen Ruyu. Yun Shang sneered. Why would anyone want to disfigure another person? In her previous life, Hua Jing did the same thing to her. Wen Ruyu was another example. They might share similar vicious characters. Hua Jing ruined her face and incited Mo Jingran to throw her child out the window, which led to his death. Wen Ruyu intended to cut her face and humiliate her by having beggars rape her.

Yun Shang decided that she would not let either of them off the hook.

Yun Shang looked at the woman on the bed. The two beggars had stripped her completely and they were planting

ority now. Although Wen Yunqing said that Lady Ruxin was not in Wen Mansion, he worried that his spoiled daughter was hiding somewhere here at home. As a child she would play hide and seek, so she knew exactly where she could hide herself in the mansion.

Thus, Wen Yunqing sent his people in secret to search the entire mansion, except the side yard where Wen Ruyu was keeping Yun Shang. Afraid that people from Shun Qing Mansion might come to look for Lady Ruxin, Wen Ruyu rushed back to the side yard and sent two servants ahead, to check the situation inside. Malicious as she was, she had to think of her reputation, since she wasn't married yet.

The servants didn't respond, even after a long while, which upset the frowning Wen Ruyu. She heard a scream from inside.

"What's wrong? What's happened?" Ruyu trembled as she walked up to the door. Instead of opening the door, she inquired in a hushed tone from outside.

She heard footsteps rushing to the door, which suddenly flung open. Unprepared, Wen Ruyu almost fell over. She caught herself and staggered forwards as she regained her balance.

"What on earth has happened?! Tell me now!" Wen Ruyu was growing impatient and asked them again sternly.

The two servants looked dreadfully pale were muttering, "It's horrible, My Lady. It's horrible."

"What is horrible? Did she die? Did the two beggars die? If Yun Shang died, go inform father. If the beggars died, well, just bury them somewhere out there. What's the big deal? "

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