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   Chapter 152 The Real Kidnapper Behind The Scenes (Part Two)

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Sensing someone had entered, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked toward the door. After seeing Prince Jing, she gave a little pause and said, "Uncle." Her expression softened a little.

Smiling, Prince Jing went to Yun Shang. Then he sat down, and asked softly, "Are you all right?"

Yun Shang nodded, "I'm fine. I'm sorry to have worried you. I'm a bit sleepy because I didn't sleep yesterday. You rest in the room, uncle. I'll have someone show me to the guest room."

Seeing that Yun Shang was about to rise, Prince Jing lifted his hand and pressed her back on the couch again. He smiled, "Never mind, just sleep here. Didn't you sleep in my camp when we were on the frontier?"

After a moment's silence, Yun Shang nodded. She lay down obediently and closed her eyes. She soon fell asleep.

When she was asleep, Prince Jing got up, went out into the yard and said, "Jing Ying."

Then a woman in black knelt before him.

Prince Jing squinted at Jing Ying with displeasure, "Who kidnapped Princess Yun Shang?"

"Your Highness, it was the Deputy Minister of Revenue, Yunqing. His daughter Ruyu asked him to do it. From what they said, I learned that Lord Wen seemed to want his daughter to do something in exchange." Jing Ying replied with an air of indifference.

Prince Jing's eyes flickered over Jing Ying, "The Deputy Minister of Revenue, well, he is really a capable man. But you allowed it to happen. How would you make it up to Princess Yun Shang if something had happened to her? Besides, you've been with Princess Yun Shang. Why didn't you send someone to tell me?"

Jing Ying was silent for a moment before she knelt and said, "I'm to blame. Please punish me, Your Highness."

Prince Jing gave a sneering laugh. "You are the only woman in my secret guards, so I asked you to protect her. Now that you don't like the arrangement, there is no difference between your presence or absence. Go to your leader, take the punishment and get out of my shadow guards."

Jing Ying thought Prince Jing would beat or scold her at worst. She had not expected that he would try to dislodge her from the shadow guards. She gave a shudder and looked at Prince Jing in disbelief. Then she asked, "Your Highness, you want to remove me from the shadow guards for her?"

Prince Jing calmly stared at Jing Ying for a long time before he said, "You were all chosen and nurtured by me, and I cherish each of my shadow guards very much. However, no matter how excel

very much. I will ask someone to find some new designs for you. When you're finished, give it to Lady Shun Qing. She is your sister's mother-in-law. If you please her, your sister's life will be easy. Your sister is the most promising person in Wen Mansion. You have to work hard."

Ruyu frowned. She got a little angry, but dared not to show it on her face. She agreed in a low voice and said no more.

After accompanying Lady Wen for a while, Ruyu had supper in Lady Wen's yard. Then her father called her into his study and gave her some orders.

After that, Ruyu returned to her own yard. She changed into a servant girl's clothes, and went towards the side yard. It had already started getting dark.

The guards in the side yard gave her a cold look before letting her in. They were a little remorseful, for the two guards on the afternoon watch had fallen asleep by accident. Fortunately, the abductee was still in the house when they woke. Otherwise, they would all die.

The woman lying on the hay had not yet awakened. She frowned in her dreams and seemed very uncomfortable. "I can't believe you've fallen into my hands. It's a pity that you were drugged and are in a coma. Although I want you to wake up and feel pain, I know it's better to do it like this. Thank me." Ruyu said coldly. A cold glint reflected in her eyes at the sight of Yun Shang.

With a sneer, she took the dagger by her side and drew it from its sheath. The dagger flashed a frosty light in the air. Ruyu held the dagger to Yun Shang's face and laughed, "It's a lovely face. I'll ruin it..." Then she moved her hand and the dagger cut Yun Shang's face....

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