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   Chapter 151 The Real Kidnapper Behind The Scenes (Part One)

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The carriage began to advance again.

Yun Shang wondered where they intended to take her. In the Imperial City, she had only offended a few men, and even fewer of them could afford to hire these men to kidnap her. However, she was a little unsure that her abductor was her enemy, given Prince Jing's encounter the other day. Perhaps they wanted to arrest her to threaten Prince Jing.

Yun Shang knew Prince Jing must be nearby for Wang Shunlai was checking at the City gate.

At that moment, above the City gate, Prince Jing sat in the place where the gate garrison rested. It was only large enough for four or five people. He leaned back in the chair with a grim expression, but his eyes reflected confusion. No one knew what he was thinking. Next to him stood a stunning woman.

A creaking sound filled the silence in the room as the wooden door was pushed open. Prince Jing raised his eyes to the door and saw Wang Shunlai enter.

"How's it going?" Prince Jing asked quietly.

Wang Shunlai looked toward Prince Jing and pondered for a moment before answering, "A carriage has just passed. In it lay a pale young man, and they said he was ill. But I saw he had holes in his ears, so he must be a woman in disguise. And according to the shape of his figure, he resembles Princess Hui Guo."

Prince Jing nodded and went on to ask, "Did you send someone after the carriage?"

"Yes. There are at least four shadow guards with Her Highness, and I also sent a few people to follow them." Wang Shunlai answered.

The stunning woman looked at them and said, "Her Highness is intelligent. Now that she didn't ask us to save her, she must have a plan. We just need to follow them. Don't startle the enemy. When she needs help, she will call us. Don't worry, Your Highness."

Prince Jing looked tentatively at her and asked, "You trust her? I have never seen her perform Kung Fu, nor do I know her strength. But she has no Neigong*, and if she meets a Kung Fu master, I'm afraid it will be very difficult for her to protect herself."

(*TN: It refers to any set of Chinese breathing, meditation and spiritual practice disciplines associated with Daoism and especially Chinese Kung Fu.)

The stunning woman was Ning Qian, of course. She smiled at his words. She continued to reassure Prince Jing, "Rest assured, Your Highness. Her Highness has no Neigong, but in addition to her Kung Fu, she carries many hidden weapons, and of course, a lot of poison."

Prince Jing did not speak after her words of consolation. After a long while, he stood and said, "Keep an eye on where Yun Shang's going. If there is news, let me know in time."

Wang Shunlai and Ning Qian promised to do so. Then Prince Jing opened the door and went toward the Imperial Palace. Yun Shang's disappearance was a secret, but Emperor Ning knew about it, so Prince Jing had to tell him what was going on.

"Here's what you asked for. Open the door." Yun Shang was a little alarmed when she heard a knock on the door outside the carriage. A moment later, the door was opened, and a voice said, "You're here. His Lordship is waiting in his study. First, send her to the side yard."

Reflecting on the path the carriage had followed since they had entered the city, and comparing the map which Ning Qian had given her before, Yun Shang thought that she was now probably in some remote part of the east side of the Imperial City.

Noticing that the light had suddenly become stronger, Yun Shang knew that the curtain of the carriage had been drawn.Then she was picked up. The person carrying her walked a little while before putting her down.

It was a long time before a voice spoke outside, "Is it her? Princess Yun Shang is a girl. Why does this person look like a man?"

No sooner had the speaker finished speaking then Yun Shang heard more than one men come in. And then someone whipped the thin mask off her face.

"Yes, it's her. I saw her when she was a little girl. Although she is more beautiful now, her eyes look more and more like her mother's." It was the former voice. Yun Shang listened to the person and wondered who he was. She was sure sh

e did not know the man, for she had always had faith in her memory, and she would not forget the sounds she had heard. However, the man said he had seen Yun Shang when she was a little girl. Yun Shang had hardly left the Imperial Palace when she was a child, so the man probably entered the Palace.

But this range was a bit too large to be able to guess his identity.

"Tell her to come here later. Princess Yun Shang has been brought here, and is at her disposal. But, after this matter, she must listen to our arrangement. Otherwise, I'll never let her off. There are many people who want to do it. She was chosen because she has a slight advantage in looks. You know, she's not important enough to be irreplaceable." The man said in an icy tone.

"Yes, Your Lordship, I'll call the Lady over later, " replied an obsequiously voice from behind.

Then Yun Shang heard several sounds, "Lady, His Lordship is busy in the side yard. Please don't come in, Lady."

"Let her in." The previous voice became a little colder.

Then Yun Shang heard footsteps. Abruptly, the sound stopped. Yun Shang heard small gasps, and it was a few minutes later that she heard a triumphant laugh, "Haha, she has fallen into my hands. It was unexpected that she would end up like this. Hahaha..."

After a long while, the laughter died. And Yun Shang heard the previous man say, "I have done what you asked, and you must not forget what you promised me. You know I am not a kind person."

There was silence for a moment before the woman answered him coldly, "Father, don't worry, now that have I promised you, I won't go back on my words."

"She's already in your hands. You don't have to deal with her in a hurry. Your mother is going to take you out later. Do get ready first." The man whispered.

The woman answered readily, "I'll get ready now." Then the footsteps receded.

Yun Shang felt a glance fall on her for a moment before moving away, and then she heard someone command faintly, "Lock the door."

The men seemed to have left the room. She heard a lock click into place. After a long time, Yun Shang carefully listened for breathing in the room. When she found that she was alone, she opened her eyes. She was surprised. It had never occurred to Yun Shang that her kidnapper was... the ice beauty, Wen Ruyu.

Just now Ruyu called the man father, so he must be the Deputy Minister of Revenue, Wen Yunqing. Yun Shang had no idea that Yunqing had hidden his true motives so well and for so long.

Yun Shang wondered what had she done to offend Ruyu. Yun Shang had seen the lady only a few times, and she had certainly not offended Ruyu so much that she would kidnap Yun Shang at any cost.

In addition, from the conversation she heard, Yun Shang learned that Yunqing seemed to want Ruyu to do something, and Ruyu made it conditional on Yun Shang's abduction.

Having learned the identity of the kidnapper, Yun Shang felt no need to stay. She then raised her eyes and looked around. She found herself in a wood house, lying on a pile of hay, with only a layer of cloth under her.

Yun Shang raised her hand to her mouth and whistled soundlessly. Moments later, there were some dull noises outside the door. Then the door opened, and her shadow guards came in. Yun Shang looked at them and said, "Look for a woman of my stature in this mansion, and tell Ning Qian to come and disguise that woman as me. Of course, it would be better if the woman is valued and liked by Yunqing."

The shadow guards nodded and disappeared again. Yun Shang sighed, and went out. With one leap, she disappeared from the yard.

Prince Jing, who had just returned from the Imperial Palace, went into his yard. A strange feeling overcame him as he entered his room. With his shadow guards around and no warning, he just frowned and wondered who was in his room, 'Is it Wang Jinhuan?'

With a frown, he walked into the room and found that the main Hall was empty. Then he walked into his bedroom and paused when he saw a woman lying on the soft couch. Her eyes were closed and a slight frown and a little tiredness reflected on her placid face.

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