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   Chapter 150 A Counterplot (Part Three)

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Yun Shang felt delighted at Jing Ying's words. Though the kidnappers had abducted her successfully, they didn't spot the secret guards following her. Had the culprit behind the kidnapping known about the existence of the secret guards, special precautions would have been taken to prevent the secret guards from finding her.

"I must stay here. I need to know who is plotting against me." Yun Shang said in a low voice.

Jing Ying stayed silent for a moment before replying, "I will report this to the Prince. The culprit came here just now. He had a talk with Master Zhao in a room in the west wing in the courtyard. It seems the culprit is an expert in Kung Fu, so I dared not approach the room. Therefore, I know nothing about their discussions. But the culprit left in fifteen minutes. The culprit moved so fast that none of us could catch up. But it was not difficult to track Master Zhao. We may find some clues soon."

Yun Shang nodded, "You must be careful."

Jing Ying uttered a "hum" before disappearing in the darkness. As Yun Shang felt quite exhausted, she fell asleep again.

It was already dawn when Yun Shang awoke. The servant girls had prepared water for Yun Shang to wash. Judging from their usual behavior, Yun Shang understood that they were unaware of Jing Ying's visit. Breakfast was served after the Princess finished washing. It was a bow of gruel boiled with Lily and the seed of Job's Tears, and several crispy vegetables.

Yun Shang said nothing to the servant girls. She asked Qin Yi and Qian Yin to sit and have breakfast with her. After that, she lay on the bench to take a short nap.

Nothing happened in the morning. Nor did Master Zhao come to pay Yun Shang a visit.

The lunch was quite abundant. As some of the dishes were Yun Shang's favorites, she ate a lot. But shortly after the lunch, Yun Shang felt a faint headache. When she was about to ask for help, she heard a noise by her side. Yun Shang turned to see Qin Yi lying on the ground. It seemed Qian Yin was about to faint, too. She was shaking her head to maintain her consciousness. But she was so dizzy that she fell on the ground at last.

Yun Shang realized that the meal must have been poisoned. As Yun Shang had tried a good deal of drugs since childhood, she had become resistant to ordinary poisons. Except for a faint headache, Yun Shang felt nothing. Judging from the symptoms of Qian Yin and Qin Yi, Yun Shang understood what it would be like when the drug took effect. So she mimicked Qian Yin and Qin Yi, and fell to the ground.

"Go and report to Master Zhao that everything is done as planned." Yun Shang heard one of the servant girls speak.

In a short while, Yun Shang heard someone approach. Then a man's soft voice followed. "Take them to the carriage. Checking in the Imperial City is very strict. You must be very careful."

Then Yun Shang heard Master Zhao utter a "yes". This surprised Yun Shang. Was the man the culprit? Suddenly, Yun Shang felt a hand touching her face. Yun Shang was so startled that she almost jumped up. But she suppressed the impulse in time. After a while, she felt something as soft as some kind of skin covering her face.

This puzzled Yun Shang. After

pondering, she suddenly realized that these people must be changing her appearance with the help of a skin mask on which another person's face was painted.

The Emperor and Prince Jing must be very worried after learning of Yun Shang's abduction. It was normal to strengthen checks in the Imperial City. Yun Shang wondered where the culprit wanted to take her. Into the Imperial Palace or out of it? As it was impossible to see such a thick grove in the Imperial City, Yun Shang guessed she must be away from the Imperial City. As per the man's words and his warning about the strict check in the Imperial City, Yun Shang guessed that they would probably take her back into the Imperial City.

If a princess was kidnapped, it was prudent to take her away from the Imperial City and hide her in a place outside the Imperial City. As Yun Shang was already out of the Imperial City, why did those people want to take the risk of bringing her back into the Imperial City? Though sometimes, the most dangerous places are the safest places, it would probably be risky in dong so.

Yun Shang also wondered what had become of her face.

Yun Shang felt as though she was being lifted and carried by some people. Then she was put down somewhere. A short while later, Yun Shang heard the wheels of the carriage. Although her eyes were closed, Yun Shang tried her best to sense the direction in which the carriage was heading. She knew the carriage must be heading leftward if her body was thrown to the left, and rightward if she tumbled to the right. Yun Shang memorized each turn. Every time the carriage took a turn, Yun Shang would also try to memorize particular sounds along the way, for example, the singing of birds, the barking of dogs, or the crowing of roosters.

Soon the carriage came to a halt.

Yun Shang heard some people talking outside. It was so noisy that Yun Shang guessed there must be many people. While in deep thought, Yun Shang heard someone speaking, "You must pass the checkpoint before entering the Palace. Who is in the carriage?"

It seemed they had arrived at the entrance of the Imperial Palace. Yun Shang heard Master Zhao say, "Officer, I come from the neighboring village. My son is sick. I bring him here to see the physician. Please, take pity on us and let us in, sir."

"I'd like to help you. But Prince Jing has ordered us to check every person who enters or leaves the Imperial Palace. My head would be off my neck if I fail to conduct my duty. Raise the curtain of the carriage. I must take a look." The coarse voice of the man, somehow, sounded familiar to Yun Shang. After a long while, she finally recalled who he was. He must be Wang Shunlai, one of Prince Jing's subordinates.

Was Wang Shunlai checking them? According to what Master Zhao had said, Yun Shang could not help but burst into a bitter smile. She must have been changed into a youngster who was seriously ill. Yun Shang had to admit that it was really a good trick to escape being noticed by soldiers.

Suddenly, Yun Shang sensed a brighter light in the carriage. Yun Shang withheld her breath as she felt someone watching her. After a short while, she heard Wang Shunlai speak, "You can leave now."

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