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   Chapter 147 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow (Part Three)

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Ning Qian nodded and added, "I have sent spies to all the mansions in the Imperial City. There are 73 subordinates in the Grand Councilor's Mansion. The army on the border are ready. All the spies come from innocent families. You won't get implicated. They are smart and will soon get promoted. They will help us."

Yun Shang nodded with praise, "I believe you are competent."

Ning Qian took out a bunch of parchments. She handed them to Yun Shang and explained, "I sieved out pieces of useful information that has been collected recently and wrote them down."

Yun Shang took the parchments and scanned them quickly. She wrinkled her brows and took out a flint. Then she threw the flint to the plate on the table and burned the parchments.

"Ok, I see. My mother will go into labor soon. Send more people to the temporary imperial palace. I don't trust the midwife from the Imperial City. Send more credible midwives there. Ensure the safety of my mother and her baby. Use any means necessary." Yun Shang replied in a low voice.

"Yes, My Lady." Ning Qian answered. Yun Shang beckoned her to leave with a wave of her hand.

When she left, Yun Shang went to Prince Jing's bedroom. As she entered, she saw Prince Jing lying on the couch. He was wearing a white tunic. His coronet had been removed and his hair was spread out on the couch. He always seemed to be cold and indifferent. But at that time, he looks endearing and amiable.

Yun Shang paused before entering.

"Have you finished your conversation?" Prince Jing looked up at Yun Shang and asked. She had seen many handsome men in her previous and present life. The sight of Prince Jing still froze her though. Her heart nearly stopped beating.

Yun Shang stared at him for quit

a good father. But he is responsible for political affairs. And he is a good Emperor.

I have to protect my mother. If she gives birth to a son, I will support him to become the Emperor. Only with supreme power, will he be able to protect his family.'

Qian Yin and Qin Yi watched Yun Shang as her expressions changed with her thoughts. Then they looked at each other and wondered what the Princess was thinking about.

When the carriage stopped, Yun Shang came to herself, "Ehh, are we there yet?" 'Was I lost in thought?'

Qian Yin and Qin Yi chuckled at the Princess's absentmindedness. Yun Shang smiled and held the handle. Before she could push the door open, she heard an odd sound. Qian Yin and Qin Yi became nervous. Yun Shang turned serious and said, "It seems this is not the entrance of the Imperial Palace…"

Qin Yi covered her mouth in surprise. Qian Yin looked nervous, but soon calmed down. She said, "Your Highness…"

Yun Shang didn't panic. She regretted having been so lost in thought that she forget to be alert. It was useless thinking about that now. She called out to the strangers outside, "Who are you? Why did you bring me here?"

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