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   Chapter 146 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow (Part Two)

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"Hehe…" Someone sniggered. Yun Shang looked back and found that the members of Li Clan looked grim. She didn't see where the laughter came from.

"Prince Jing, it's my fault. Please pardon my offense. I am leaving now." Grand Councilor Li bowed to Prince Jing and left straight away.

Members of the Li Clan followed him. They were afraid they wouldn't be able to restrain their anger if they stayed.

Since Grand Councilor Li had left, many guests also took their leave. Yun Shang stood beside Prince Jing and bid them farewell. Soon all the guests had left except for Wang Jinyan and Wang Jinhuan. Only after everyone had left did they burst into laughter. Yun Shang looked worried. She pointed at the room behind to remind them that Cangyang Yu'er was still around and that they shouldn't be so impolite.

Prince Jing glanced back. A look of disgust came over his face. "What eyes don't see is regarded as clean. Let's rest in the lobby. I will have her thrown out and then I will ask servants to demolish the pavilion." With these words, he left for the lobby.

Wang Jinhuan caught up with Prince Jing and wrapped an arm around his neck. While he said something happily, Prince Jing brushed Wang Jinhuan's hand off. But Wang Jinhuan put his hand back a minute later. Yun Shang frowned and worried about Prince Jing's wound…

"Your Highness, let's take a seat there." Wang Jinyan said in a low voice, "Cangyang Yu'er embarrassed herself. It was indeed greatly satisfactory. Your Highness, she covets Prince Jing. Are you happy with her fate?"

A smile appeared on Jinyan's lips. Yun Shang glared at her and said, "Nonsense!"

Wang Jinhuan and Wang Jinyan laughed for a while in the lobby. Satisfied with how the day had ended, they left. Only Yun Shang and Prince Jing remained. They didn't speak.

Then Prince Jing sighed. He looked up and scolded, "You are reckless!"

Yun Shang didn't reply. She flashed him an attractive smile. His heart softened. He stopped his preaching and warned, "Next time, don't be so willful. Grand Councilor Li certainly knew he was drugged. If he had asked the Emperor to investigate, you would have been involved in the case. How could you do something like this on the spur of the moment? I know you didn't plan it. The chamberlain said that you have been busy. How could you spare time and energy to trap him?"

"Uncle, what you said is wrong. It was your chamberlain who led the Emperor to the wrong room. If you hadn't ordered him, I wouldn't have succeeded so easily." Yun Shang smiled at Prince Jing and added, "Moreover, I did it because I am sure Grand Councilor Li wouldn't want to lose face. So he wouldn't admit to being drugged. Especially if you and my father were present. Cangyang Yu'er is the sworn daughter of the Chief Councilor. Her status is embarrassing. She came with Cangjue Qingsu though. What the truth is, doesn't matter. Grand Councilor Li couldn't contradict Cangjue Qingsu, or else, my father would vent his anger on the Grand Councilor. He has been cautious for most of his life. He won't risk his status to enrage my father."

Prince Jing shook his head and said, "You were reckless. But you really knew how he thinks. I hope it won't happen again. I'll clear up the messy situation. Don't do something like this next time. Don't."

There was happiness in Yun Shang's eyes. She looked up and smiled like a spoiled child, "Uncle, that is very kind of you."

Yun Shang thought happily, 'Flattering Prince Jing is ef

fortless and worthy. My last life didn't have a wonderful ending. I have my own powers now, but it's not enough. It's better to find some support.'

Prince Jing was excited as she had finally accepted his help. But she would never know it.

The chamberlain of Prince Jing's Mansion entered. He greeted both Prince Jing and Yun Shang. Then he reported, "Your Highness, Lady Qian Qian is looking for you."

Yun Shang was astonished. She turned and asked Prince Jing with a smile, "Uncle, can I use your study?"

Prince Jing nodded causally and beckoned to the chamberlain to lead the way. Then he turned and went to the yard adjacent to his room.

Yun Shang entered the study and found Ning Qian waiting. When the door opened, Ning Qian looked at Yun Shang indifferently. Yun Shang was stunned but grinned at Ning Qian. She satirized, "Qian Qian, your glance melted my heart."

Ning Qian replied with a tender smile, "My Lady, don't jest with me."

Yun Shang smiled as a reply. She took a seat behind the desk and looked around. Ning Qian knew what Yun Shang was doing. She shook her head and said, "I have checked. No one is hiding here."

Yun Shang nodded. She thought, 'Although Prince Jing and I have become closer, I should remain alert. I won't tell all my plans to him. As the old saying goes, never show the bottom of your purse or your mind.

I should have found a safer place to talk with Ning Qian. But the Imperial City is not peaceful. There is no need to be bothered. Prince Jing's Mansion is as safe as a safety box. No one will enter without being noticed.'

"Qian Qian, what are you doing these days?" Yun Shang asked casually.

Ning Qian bowed her head and answered respectfully, "My Lady, you asked me to investigate Prince Jing. He is smart and vigilant. We had to consider Wang Jinhuan instead. He suspected the youngest son of Prince Shun Qing to be an imposter. So he became closely connected to Ning Ye. I found Ning Ye was completely different from hearsay. Though he was well disguised……"

"Eeeh? Tell me about the difference…" Ning Qian had been close to Ning Ye for some time. When Yun Shang saw Ning Qian last time, she knew it. Since Ning Qian had mentioned this, so Yun Shang took it seriously.

Ning Qian meditated in silence and then said, "It is rumored that Ning Ye is a playboy. In fact he is a Kung Fu master and quite cautious."

"Prince Shun Qing seldom participates in politics. Ning Ye acts as a ringer to avoid the intrigues inside the mansion?" Yun Shang asked.

Ning Qian shook her head and added, "I found his handwriting had changed completely. I sent my subordinates to inquire about Ning Ye. It's said that he had nearly drowned four years ago. He survived, but was seriously ill. When he recovered, he changed quite a lot…"

Yun Shang's eyebrow lifted. She thought, 'This is weird. Is it possible that he was reborn like me?'

"Few days ago, he seemed to have contacted a subordinate of the third Prince of the State of Yelang." Ning Qian added softly.

'The third Prince of the State of Yelang?' Yun Shang was dumbstruck. Then a smile appeared on her face as she thought, 'Is he a spy sent by Cangjue Qingsu? His identity is a good cover. It's commonly thought that a spy should be undetectable. They did exactly the opposite. They used a spy to replace an honorable Prince's son. That cover worked even better.'

"Keep an eye on him. Don't act rashly or you will alert the enemy." Yun Shang said after a brief pause.

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