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   Chapter 144 An Act Of Folly (Part Three)

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Wenxi widened her round, bright eyes like a frightened rabbit, "Alas! I have bad luck today. I hope the punishment won't be hard."

Wenxi walked to the lot pot, drew a lot, and looked at it. As soon as she read the punishment, her expression changed. The other girls saw her expression, and became curious. They crowded around her and tried to read the lot. It read, "Who is your favorite man?"

The handwriting had an unconventional grace of its own. Wenxi felt embarrassed, but Jinyan laughed out loud and said, "I wrote this punishment. I was wondering who would get the lot. I didn't expect it would be you, Lady Jing. It's okay. We can keep secrets. Just tell us."

Wenxi stood where she was. Her face turned pale and her nose grew pink.

"Well, if Lady Jing is not willing to tell us, we can understand. After all, it's your secret. Lady Jing is not married yet, and it's not appropriate to tell us who her favorite man is." Jinyan frowned and rubbed her nose as she spoke indifferently.

Hardly had her words faded away, a sneer sounded, "It's indeed not appropriate for her to tell us, but it's not because she is not willing or because she is shy. That's because her favorite man is engaged, and his fiancee is right here."

Before the statement could be finished, Wenxi rushed toward the lady angrily, "Wen Ruyu, I have never offended you before. Why do you insult me?"

The atmosphere became tense. The ladies wondered who Wenxi's favorite man was. Many engaged ladies were present. Every lady would be upset if she knew that her fiance was admired by another girl.

Ruyu snorted as she raised her eyebrows, "What? You dare not to tell us? Look at yourself! You are really ugly. Prince Jing won't be fond of you!"

Prince Jing... Everyone noticed the most important information in Ruyu's words. It turned out that Wenxi's favorite man was Prince Jing.

Everyone glanced at Yun Shang, but Yun Shang didn't seem to care what Ruyu had said at all. Yun Shang looked calm and spoke in a nonchalant voice, "Ladies, it's Uncle Jing's birthday party today. Please don't share your personal affairs here."

Since Yun Shang acted so nonchalantly, there was no fun left in the game. The ladies didn't want to play anymore. Wenxi and Ruyu's friends separated the girls and escorted them to seats nearby.

As soon as they had sat down, a lady's scream could be heard.

Yun Shang's expression changed and she gave a cold smile.

"Your Highness, is something wrong? I remember Prince Jing had asked the chamberlain to take Emperor Ning to the east wing to rest. The sound seems to have come from the east wing..." Lady Ruxin came in a hurry. Her face had paled when she heard the scream.

Emperor Ning was resting in the east wing. If something happened to him, everyone would face the consequences. The very thought made every lady shudder in fear.

Yun Shang thought for a while and looked to the east before she spoke, "Let's go and see what has happened." She waved Qian Yin closer, "Uncle Jing is in the front hall and may not know about the incident. Go to the front hall and inform Uncle Jing."

Qian Yin said "yes" before she withdrew. Yun Shang and the ladies proceeded to the place where the sound came from.

When Yun Shang arrived at the door of the east wing, she saw Prince Jing and some guests arriving. Yun Shang immediately walked to him and said, "Uncle Jing, there should be guards in the mansion. Have they told you where the sound came from?"

Prince Jing nodde

d, "It was not from the east wing. Emperor Ning is resting in the east wing, and I sent guards to protect him. The sound came from Tingyin Pavilion, which is next to the east wing."

After hearing these words, Yun Shang raised her head and noticed a plaque on the east wing. It read, Tingfeng Pavilion.

Yun Shang lowered her eyes to conceal her feeling and followed Prince Jing to Tingyin Pavilion. Yun Shang looked at the guests and didn't find the person she sought.

When they arrived at Tingyin Pavilion, the gate of the yard was unlocked. One of the guests pushed open the gate. Everyone saw that a man's robe had been thrown in the yard. Some weird sounds came from within.

People's eyes widened when they heard sounds.

Prince Jing paused for a while before he stepped forward and pushed the door open. Tingyin Pavilion was a room prepared for guests who wanted to rest. So it was simply decorated and only had one bedroom.

When the door opened, people saw a man and a woman's clothes scattered on the floor. On the screen facing the door, hung a lady's underwear. Two figures in strange positions were faintly visible through the screen. More suppressed moans came from within.

At this moment, even the unmarried ladies realized what was happening inside and their expressions turned to shock.

Prince Jing was angered. He shouted in fury, "I want to know who is so bold as to commit such obscenity in my mansion and ruin my reputation. Guards, grab the disgusting couple and throw them out."

"Yes, Your Highness." Hardly had Prince Jing's demand faded, a secret guard dashed into the room.

A roar of rage came from within. Yun Shang curled her lips as she recognized the voice. She turned and glanced at the officials standing behind Prince Jing. They were surprised by the voice and must have regretted coming here with Prince Jing. Some even stepped backward secretly. The secret guard, however, was quick in action. Before the officials managed to withdraw, a snow-white body was thrown to the ground. The body was completely naked.

In a while, sharp cries of surprise sounded in the yard. Many unmarried ladies immediately covered their eyes and muttered, "What a shame!"

Some ladies, such as Yun Shang and Jinyan, frowned and looked at the lady on the ground. The lady had a sweet smile on her face as if she was still steeped in pleasure. A moment later, she furrowed her brows because of the sudden pain. She raised herself on her elbows and gazed at the people in confusion.

"Oh my god. She is Lady Cangyang, the sworn daughter of the Chief Councilor of the State of Yelang. Why...why... is she here? She..." Wang Jinyan frowned as she yelled. Everyone immediately realized who she was.

When people recalled the familiar voice coming from within, they were further shocked and wondered, 'Why is this lady... with him?'

As people buried themselves in thought, a voice was heard, "Your Majesty."

Everyone regained their composure and bowed to Emperor Ning.

Emperor Ning furrowed his brows and asked, "What's going on? I heard the noises from here all the way in Tingfeng Pavilion."

Prince Jing briefly shared the events with the Emperor. Emperor Ning furrowed his brows and let his eyes settle upon the lady on the ground, "Where is the man?"

Prince Jing sneered, "Bring him out!"

Then the secret guard escorted a man from behind the screen. Unlike the naked lady, the man was still wearing his underwear. His face was pale as he walked out.

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