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   Chapter 142 An Act Of Folly (Part One)

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Everyone went blank for a while, and then someone sighed, "Though I didn't see the lady's face from this distance, I can tell that she is tall and thin. She is sure to be an enchanting beauty. But I just heard there were no ladies in Prince Jing's Mansion. Who is she?"

Hearing these words, people let their eyes settle on Yun Shang who still had a bland smile. They couldn't help comparing Yun Shang with the lady. Gradually, they were amazed by Yun Shang's face. Yun Shang was not the kind of lady that would amaze people with her beauty at first sight. At first glance, people would feel she was like a lady in a painting, soft and sweet. She had white skin, red lips, black eyebrows, and bright eyes. She wore a fresh green dress with a sense of elegance, like a verdant lotus leaf freshly washed by the rain or like an isolated mountain hidden in the thin fog, attracting people's eyes in this warm spring.

Since when had this ordinary-looking Princess become so beautiful?

Yun Shang knew what people were thinking when she saw their expression. She said in a soft voice, "As I have told you, the chamberlain of Prince Jing's Mansion doesn't know how to hold a birthday party. I think Prince Jing saw Qian Qian performing in Lady Shun Qing's birthday party at Prince Shun Qing's Mansion, and so he invited Qian Qian here. Although Qian Qian has a humble identity, she is proficient in playing the Pipa, and her dancing skill is second to none in the world."

All ladies present were the wives or daughters of officials, and they had heard of Qian Qian before as her fame had spread throughout the country. They didn't know what to say for a while. If they praised her, they would think they humbled themselves. If they belittled her, they would set themselves against Prince Jing. People stood gazing at one another without uttering a single word.

"Humble family does not determine a humble future. Since Princess Yun Shang has such high praise for Qian Qian, she must have many good qualities. I will enjoy her performance later." While the others remained silent, Wang Jinyan praised Qian Qian.

Yun Shang gave her a tiny smile and thought to herself, 'The daughter of the Wang Clan is indeed different from the other ladies who pretend to be demure.'

"Your Highness, the Emperor has arrived. Prince Jing asked you to entertain the Emperor." A servant came in a hurry and whispered in Yun Shang's ear.

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows, "Really? My father is here?" She excused herself and proceeded to the front yard.

Emperor Ning sat on the host seat. Prince Jing sat by his side, dressed in black. The two men were speaking. Yun Shang observed Prince Jing from a distance to assess his situation. Prince Jing still had a pale face, but he had no problem talking normally with Emperor Ning. Yun Shang felt relieved.

When Prince Jing saw Yun Shang, his eyes lit up. He curled his lips and waved at her, "Yun Shang, come here."

Emperor Ning turned round. He smiled when he noticed Yun Shang standing at the door with a vacant look. "Why didn't you wait for me to come here with you?"

Yun Shang walked to the seat beside Emperor Ning's and sat down. She smiled at Emperor Ning, "Father, I thought you were not coming, so I came here by myself. As soon as I arrived at the mansion, Uncle Jing asked me to entertain the female guests. I didn't even know you were


After hearing Yun Shang's explanation, Emperor Ning raised his eyebrows and turned to Prince Jing, whose face had softened when Yun Shang came in, "Really?"

Prince Jing gave a wry smile, "I used to celebrate my birthdays in the military camp. We just drank wine and ate meat. I had no idea that it was so cumbersome to hold a birthday party in the Imperial City, and I was not well prepared."

Emperor Ning remained silent for a moment after hearing Prince Jing's explanation, and then curled his lips, "You have worked hard."

They made small talk before dinner started. After dinner, Emperor Ning didn't return to the Imperial Palace. Instead, he enjoyed the performance with the other guests. Although Prince Jing's Mansion covered a large area, most parts had been neglected. Tables and chairs were placed by the lake, and the performance was held on the pavilion across the lake. The performances in the Imperial City were pretty much the same. Yun Shang had invited the top ranking theatrical troupe and ordered several plays for the guests' entertainment.

The melodic sound of a Pipa came from the pavilion. But when the guests turned to see, they saw no one at the pavilion. It was a fascinating tune called, Collecting Lotus Seeds. When people began wondering who was playing the Pipa, a figure in pink flew out from the pavilion and landed on a young lotus leaf in the middle of the lake.

Everyone was shocked and wondered how she was able to stand on a lotus leaf. The lady seemed gracious and at ease on the leaf. She held the Pipa in her arms, and the melody was not affected by her movements. Everyone imagined that the lady was a master of Qinggong*.

(*TN: A Chinese martial arts technique that supposedly helps one lift and travel in the air.)

The lady had her back turned toward the guests. She didn't face the guests. She stood on her tiptoes and started dancing on the lotus leaf.

"Wonderful!" Emperor Ning was the first to cheer for the lady. And then the other guests regained their composure from the excitement. Someone recognized the lady and yelled, "Is she Qian Qian, the top showgirl in the Imperial City?"

For a while, people whispered to each other. However, when Qian Qian turned around and began playing the Pipa behind her back, people suddenly quietened.

Qian Qian wore a full-length light pink skirt with a white waistband around her slender waist. She had a hibiscus flower hairpin, but her face was even more beautiful than a hibiscus flower. Her attractive eyes enchanted all guests.

While playing the Pipa, the lady constantly changed her position. All the guests watched the performance with the utmost concentration. Hardly had the last musical note faded, people saw the lady flying away without hesitation.

Everyone kept silent for a long time as if they had buried themselves in the Pipa's sound, the dance or the beauty.

Emperor Ning gave a small smile. However, there was a complicated expression on his face. After a while, he rubbed his forehead and stood, "The performance is indeed an eye-opener. I have had too much wine and felt quite drunk. Brother, find me a place so that I can rest."

Prince Jing immediately stood, "Your Majesty, let me show you the way."

Emperor Ning shook his hand, "You are today's host and should entertain the guests here. Just find a servant to show me the way."

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