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   Chapter 141 Birthday Party (Part Two)

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Yun Shang was at a loss for words. She stared at them, but the two maids were not fazed. Frustrated, the Princess turned away.

Seeing that, Qian Yin giggled and approached Yun Shang, "But you have to be vigilant, Your Highness. What if those people turned to you when they fail to deal with the Prince? There is an old saying, go after low-hanging fruit."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows at the words. She pretended anger, "Do I look like an easy target? Do I?"

Her question gave the maids yet another occasion to burst into laughter.

Prince Jing had served at the frontier for a long time. But he still had great influence in the Imperial Capital. As he had sent invitations, people flocked to pay respects to him. In no time, Prince Jing's Mansion was crowded with guests, gifts, and people asking for invitation letters.

The Prince's chamberlain was a capable man. Though he had never experienced such a situation, he was able to handle it.

Fortunately, the invitations had been carefully sent. But still, when Prince Jing's birthday arrived, for the first time in history, the Prince's Mansion was so lively.

Normally, a lady in a house would administer the internal affairs, but the Prince was not married, so his chamberlain played the role. Thus, when Yun Shang arrived at the mansion, the chamberlain hurried to her for help. After having heard the chamberlain's brief, Yun Shang was almost amused, if not angry. She cast a glance at Prince Jing, who lay idly on his bed, "It's already late. Don't tell me you've not prepared anything yet. And I had a look along the way. There's no maid serving in your mansion. Do you really want to have male servants attend to the ladies?"

The chamberlain coughed to conceal his discomfort, "It's all my fault. I've been too inconsiderate. After all, I've never taken care of a birthday party before, and His Highness had given his instruction in a hurry...It's hard to make a thorough plan in such a short time..."

The Prince was extremely calm. He put away his books, glanced at the angry Yun Shang, and smiled, "But I don't need any maids. And I don't want to hire some just for today's event. It's troublesome to fire them again."

"Why didn't you come to me earlier?" Yun Shang felt frustrated.

Prince Jing cleared his throat, "I forgot."


Although she didn't want to, Yun Shang started the work with assiduity. She asked Qian Yin and Qin Yi to help her with the preparations and sent for Ning Qian. Ning Qian would take care of the entertainment. She ordered Qian Yin to care for the ladies, and Qin Yi to arrange for the food. Yun Shang used to manage a household in her previous life. She wasn't unfamiliar with the affairs. With her arrangement, each servant was busy with his or her task. And everything was getting in order.

The chamberlain watched as Yun Shang gave her orders to the servants. He massaged his whiskers with a hand and said to Prince Jing, "Your Hi

rances. Yu'er was a beautiful girl, who must have many suitors. But her true love was Prince Jing who had turned her down mercilessly. She had said that the Princess was lucky. And so, the guests read between the lines. What Yu'er truly meant was that Yun Shang was jealous and petty, which was why she didn't allow other women to approach the Prince. And the awkward situation was exacerbated by Yun Shang, as according to Yu'er's words, the Princess should've helped the Prince to choose some maids.

Yun Shang flashed a smile. "I've chosen some maid for uncle before. But he was very picky, and he didn't like any of them. If I insisted on arranging maids for him, I'm afraid uncle would be displeased."

Yu'er's face fell, and thought to herself. "Ning Yun Shang, how dare you to deny your jealousy?" She wanted to say more, but a commanding voice called from a distance. "Your Highness, I'm late. Did I miss anything?"

Yun Shang turned towards the voice, and saw Wang Jinyan walking to them. She was dressed in cyan. A pretty lady followed Wang Jinyan.

Yun Shang flashed her a smile. She always thought that red suited Jinyan best, but cyan worked on her too as it brought out her feminine charms. 'You are not late. It has just begun.' Yun Shang thought to herself.

Jinyan cast a cold glance at Yu'er before she turned to Yun Shang and smiled, "Your Highness, this is my mother."

Yun Shang nodded to her before looking at the smiling lady behind Jinyan. She sighed to herself and wondered how the serious Minister Wang and the gentle Lady Wang had parented Jinyan and Jinhuan Wang. Yun Shang smiled to Lady Wang, "Good day, Lady Wang. You are so gorgeous. No wonder both your children are so pretty!"

Lady Wang was happy to hear the praise. She flashed Yun Shang a warm smile.

Suddenly someone gasped. The guests looked around and saw a woman in pink pass through the corridor opposite the lake. Although far, the pink figure looked so alluring…

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