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   Chapter 137 Mysteries and Injuries (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 9307

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Envoys from both countries were in the Imperial City. Yun Shang knew their purpose, so she kept away from them for days by staying in Qingxin Palace. And Qingsu never sent her another invitation. Qian Yin told Yun Shang that Qingsu had been excitedly waiting at the Palace gate, but when Mister Wang came to him, his face darkened. Yun Shang could not help but laugh. But she sneered secretly. These days, she had been wondering what Qingsu was up to. Ning Qian and her companions, who had been watching the Princess Palace, found that Qingsu had not only sent his men to see Hua Jing, but he had also been there twice and reassured Hua Jing that when the matter had settled a little, he would ask Emperor Ning for permission to marry her.

Yun Shang narrowed her eyes and thought, 'Is he trying to seduce me while he pacifies Hua Jing? Prince Jing's outing probably has something to do with him, too. Otherwise, it would not have been so coincidental that Prince Jing left the Imperial City just as I received his invitation. He's a calculating guy.'

"It's time to light the oil lamps, Your Highness. Let me help you freshen up and get you ready for bed." Qin Yi said as she walked in. She smiled as she took the pearl pin from Yun Shang's head.

Yun Shang nodded and went into the bathroom. 'It's been seven days. Seven days have passed since Prince Jing left the Imperial City. What on earth happened to him? Jinyan said he would out three to five days, and now, he has not returned after seven days. Things seem a bit tricky.'

Yun Shang thought about the situation in the Imperial City as she soaked in the bathtub. Qingsu was very restless. He had secretly visited a number of courtiers, of whom Prince Shun Qing's son Ning Ye, most attracted Yun Shang's attention. Yun Shang remembered that Ning Qian and Prince Jing had been suspicious of Ning Ye, but they had found nothing except that Ning Ye had hidden his knowledge of Kung Fu. Prince Shun Qing had no power now. But Qingsu had met with his son three times in private. This was really worth thinking about.

The seventh Prince of the State of Xia didn't act. He stayed in the post-house every day. No one visited him except the physician, and no one saw him leave.

As for the Grand Councilor's Mansion... Yun Shang frowned at the thought. After returning to the Palace that day, the Empress remained in Qiwu Palace. She even got rid of the daily greetings from the concubines, although Emperor Ning did not order her to do so. And Hua Jing had been resting at the Princess Palace. These things happened, but at the Grand Councilor's Mansion there seemed to be no unusual activity. It was as though they had nothing to do with these events.

With a frown Yun Shang got up, dried herself, put on her tunic, and went

Shang opened her eyes, she saw Prince Jing holding his wound and frowning. Then she remembered what had happened the night before. She jumped to her feet and asked, "What's wrong? Did you tear the wound? I'll call the physician." Having said these words, she turned to walk toward the door.

Prince Jing caught her hand. Yun Shang stopped and turned to look at the man on the bed.

Prince Jing shook his head and said, "I'm fine. Why are you here? Did you take care of me all night?" Prince Jing was surprised to find his voice so hoarse.

Yun Shang sat down again and tried to pull her hand away, but she failed. Puzzled, she gave up in view of Prince Jing's wound. "Mister Wang broke into my bedroom yesterday and told me you had been injured, so I came here to see you. How are you feeling? Does the wound still hurt?"

Prince Jing nodded and said, "The guest room is next door. You don't seem to have rested well. Go and sleep over there."

"I'm not sleepy. Where have you been all these days? How did you get hurt?" Yun Shang tucked Prince Jing in bed. Prince Jing paused for a second, his eyes shining with a strange expression.

"Someone lured me out of the Imperial City. I had a small group of people hiding in a nearby city, but somehow they were discovered, and exterminated a few days ago. But when I went to investigate, I was trapped." Prince Jing sighed, "I was negligent."

"When you left the Imperial City, Qingsu sent me an invitation to be his guide during a tour of the Imperial City. So, does this have anything to do with him?"

"Oh?" A hint of danger flashed through Prince Jing's eyes, and he said coldly, "Whether he did it or not, he must know something. Perhaps he feels too comfortable in the Imperial City. Soon, he'll have trouble even in taking care of himself. Then, I'll see how he schemes against others..."

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