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   Chapter 136 Mysteries and Injuries (Part One)

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"The State of Xia, lying to the south of the State of Ning, is a prosperous country. Unlike the brave and battle-wise people of the State of Yelang, people of the State of Xia focus on achievements in culture and education. It?is?in?a?favorable?geographical?location?surrounded?by seas on three sides and a towering mountain on the fourth. Therefore, the country has been peaceful for hundreds of years. The seventh Prince is the seventh son of the Emperor of the State of Xia, and also the most brilliant son of the Emperor. He was made a Prince at the age of seven, but at twelve, he became severely ill. From then on, his health has been poor, and the Emperor gradually snubbed him and awarded the Empress's ninth son as the title of Crown Prince the year before last."

Standing before Yun Shang, Qian Yin held a piece of parchment and read through it slowly. Then she closed the parchment and spoke softly to Yun Shang, "The seventh Prince is seldom seen in public because of his poor health, and there is very little information about him. The information we found is almost universally known. Other news may take a little longer."

Yun Shang nodded and took the parchment, "Good, keep inquiring about him."

Qian Yin nodded before asking curiously, "Your Highness, I have seen the seventh Prince several times from a distance over the past few days. He is clearly a sick man, breathless for a moment at every few words. Such a person..."

"What? Do you think such a person is not a threat?" Yun Shang arched an eyebrow. She knew what Qian Yin was thinking. "When I first came back to the Palace, I believe the Empress and Hua Jing looked at me the same way. After seven or eight years at Ning'guo Temple, I didn't know the tricks in the Palace. And I was so weak that I coughed for a long time when I spoke. But it was their contempt for me that gave me a chance, " she answered. "You know, an outstanding member of the royal family is almost always the source of envy and hence, an obvious target. The person who knows how to keep a low profile is wise."

Hearing what Yun Shang said, Qian Yin understood and quickly replied, "I let down my guard."

Yun Shang nodded. At this point, Qin Yi entered. She wore a strange expression as she handed Yun Shang an invitation. Then she said, "Your Highness, this is Cangjue Qingsu's invitation to you. He said that he has just come to the State of Ning and wanted to invite you to be his guide when he visits the Imperial City."

Yun Shang's mouth twisted, and she wondered about Qingsu's intention. To visit the Imperial City? To be his guide?

Qin Yi inquired with concern, "Your Highness, now that you are engaged, you can't a

d my brother say his target was Princess Hua Jing, wasn't it? Does he dislike Princess Hua Jing because of what happened to her? Anyway, you can't accept the invitation, Your Highness. How about I go home and tell my brother to help you with this. What do you think?"

Her brother, Wang Jinhuan? Yun Shang thought about it for a while and felt it might work. Jinhuan was so close to Prince Jing that if he told Qingsu that Prince Jing had asked him to accept the invitation, everyone would believe him. So, Yun Shang said, "Then, thanks to your brother. Ask your brother to go in the name of Prince Jing. By the way, tell your brother, if he handles this matter well, I'll ask Lady Ning Qian to have dinner with him."

"Lady Ning Qian? The most popular courtesan in the Imperial City in recent years? You know her, Your Highness? I also wanted to be friends with her. I've heard many people say she is as pretty as a fairy..." Jinyan's eyes lit up.

Yun Shang smiled and patted her hand. "Look at you, if I had not known you were a woman, I would have thought you were in love with her."

They continued talking for a while before Jinyan left the Palace. Qin Yi stood beside Yun Shang. She looked at the door and laughed and said, "Lady Wang is really a blunt and straightforward girl. It would be good if Your Highness makes friends with her. Moreover, the Minister of Defense and War is in charge of the mobilization of more than half of the State of Ning's army and the appointment of officers, which is of great benefit to Your Highness."

Yun Shang nodded with a smile. "You just said what I was thinking. The Minister of Defense and War is a family man. He has only one wife and has never had a concubine. He loves his wife and his two children. Such a man is very admirable."

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