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   Chapter 135 Making A Plot (Part Two)

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In the afternoon, Yun Shang was playing chess with Prince Jing in her Palace. Yun Shang had been taught to play chess by Xiao Yuanshan, and she had been complimented by him many times. But during the whole afternoon, she didn't beat Prince Jing even once.

"Your Highness, the physician checked Princess Hua Jing and reported her condition to the Emperor. The physician said that Princess Hua Jing was physically weak due to her miscarriage but in general, Princess Hua Jing was all right, " said Qian Yin gently as she walked in the room.

Yun Shang nodded and placed her piece. Looking at the chessboard, Prince Jing said, "Shang'er, are you sure you want to put the piece here? If so, you will lose again."

Yun Shang looked at the chessboard and couldn't figure out when Prince Jing started to set a trap to beat her. She did lose the game again. Yun Shang sighed. She remembered her grandfather had often told her, "You will know a man by watching him play a chess game." Yun Shang had always been cautious when playing chess. She would think carefully before putting down a piece. But Prince Jing seemed to put down every piece casually. In the beginning, Yun Shang never had any idea of how he was going to play the game. But at the end, she found herself falling into a trap set by Prince Jing.

"Uncle, you are farsighted and prudent. You make me ashamed of myself." Yun Shang sighed and put down the piece.

Prince Jing smiled slightly and said, "Shang'er, you're inexperienced. It's normal that you would lose to me. If you spend more time practicing playing chess, you will beat me easily."

Yun Shang knew of her poor ability. Seeing that Prince Jing was trying to console her, she appreciated Prince Jing's kindness and said with a smile, "Thank you, uncle."

Prince Jing smiled and shook his head. He noticed that Yun Shang looked absent-minded and wondered what she was thinking about. But it was inappropriate for him to ask. So he rose to his feet and said, "My brother must be very disappointed at the Empress and Hua Jing. Now the envoys of the State of Yelang and the State of Xia are here. Brother won't punish the Empress and Hua Jing right now because he wants to save the prestige of the royal family. From now on, it will be hard for the Empress and Hua Jing to regain their power in the Imperial Palace. Tonight, there will be a bonfire party. Let's attend it."

Yun Shang nodded and said, "Have you found the culprit who fed the purgative to Ta Yun?"

Prince Jing was shocked. He turned around to look at Yun Shang and said with a brief smile, "You ordered Cangyang Yu'er and Jing Wenxin to do it, didn't you?"

Yun Shang was embarrassed. She was indeed the culprit, but she didn't know how Prince Jing f

isit Hua Jing for two reasons. First, she wanted the Emperor to see that the Grand Councilor and Prince Qingsu had a private meeting. Second, when the Emperor sees Hua Jing, he would dislike her more and more. The physician had told the Emperor that Hua Jing was all right. So the Emperor knew that Hua Jing was feigning madness. If Hua Jing kept acting the fool, the Emperor's aversion to her would increase.

The Emperor turned and left the room emotionlessly. He didn't return to the party. He said coolly, "I'm exhausted. I will rest now."

Yun Shang nodded and walked the Emperor to his room. Halfway to the bedroom, the Emperor said, "Shang'er, you are much smarter than your elder sister. I shouldn't worry about you. I have officially announced that you will marry Prince Jing. But you haven't had a wedding ceremony until now, so you are not a real couple. Now the envoys of the State of Yelang and the State of Xia are here. You should be on guard because these two men are hard to deal with."

Yun Shang paused for a while. 'These two men? Beside Prince Qingsu of the State of Yelang, does father allude to the seventh Prince of the State of Xia who looks gaunt and weak?'

Yun Shang thought for a while. Recently, Prince Qingsu had made many secret plots. Yun Shang had to deal with him so she had ignored the Prince of the State of Xia. The Prince of Xia always looked genial and urbane. He didn't look like a bad guy. What's more, compared with Prince Qingsu, he looked guileless.

But when the Emperor mentioned the Prince of the State of Xia, Yun Shang felt surprised. The seventh Prince of the State of Xia looked too guileless to get any attention from others. If he pretended to be so, he must be a capable man. 'It is time for me to conduct a thorough investigation of the Prince of the State of Xia.'

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